Instagram Stories have paved the way for a whole new spectrum of imaginative opportunities on social media, especially for creative professionals. Posting Instagram Stories is a great way to promote your visual resume and current projects, including memorable weddings.

Although you’ll complete the final edits for a wedding collection at a later date, you can let your followers witness how you work in real-time by posting Stories all throughout the wedding. You can also use finalized images when they are post produced to retell wedding stories.

Here are 5 Instagram story tips for wedding photographers looking to curate better Instagram Stories and expand their brand online.

Tip 1: Use Instagram Stories to Drive Traffic to Your New Blog Entries

After you’ve posted a new wedding on your blog, you can use IG stories to drive traffic to it! Post an Instagram story with a “Swipe Up” to view linked to your wedding blog post. You can also change the link in your Instagram bio to your new wedding blog post, and use stories to tell your followers to check out the new link in your bio.

Tip 2: Tell the story with behind the scenes snippets of attendees

Friends and family getting together to celebrate weddings is one of the most beautiful things to witness. As a photographer, you can capture candid shots focused on the attendees, and you can even use storytelling techniques to present emotional value. Taking photos of the entourage and the sponsors as they prepare for the big moment can be a fun twist to your Instagram Stories content and you might even capture rare moments of candid intimacy and emotion as friends and family revel in joy. It will also show how everything comes together as a whole, making the big reveal once the wedding gets started that much more spectacular.

Tip 3: Feature wedding locations and themes

Another good example of a behind-the-scenes Instagram Story post is to take quick snapshots of the wedding’s design elements. Wedding organizers work extremely hard to achieve the look of their couples’ wedding venues as they make sure that every square inch of the location is picture-worthy. There are many elements to snap and share to your followers in order to get a feel of the wedding you’re working on, from small details such as the flower selection to extravagant elements like motifs and set designs. These things help establish the theme of the wedding, and you can even include nice captions using the text tool.

Tip 4: Tag all the vendors in the stories

When caught up in the fervor of wedding energy and working diligently to capture all the idyllic moments on camera, it’s easy to forget to tag vendors in your Instagram stories. Tagging vendor accounts in your Instagram stories can increase your accounts engagement and overall viewership drastically, bringing in views from followers of the brands and vendors you’ve tagged.

Tip 5: Use creative effects (text, emojis, etc.)

You wouldn’t want to miss out on featuring the absolute stars of the show, the bride and groom, when trying to create Instagram Stories during a wedding. Instead of simply posting portraits, you can apply your personal creative touch when putting the spotlight on the couple for your Instagram Stories feed. Having an easily accessible photo-editing tool that can help you create beautifully edited posts is a must, and the Instasize photo editing app could be the perfect solution for the job. Instasize packs a powerful instant editing punch with its wide selection of artisan-crafted photo filters, multi-font text tool, and beauty tools. Instasize is easy to use, and it eliminates the need for other editing apps, since its editing features will already work great with the quick portraits you want to share.