Bridal party photos are always a great place for your couples’ personality to shine on their wedding day. One of the best ways to please your clients is to really help capture the fun they have with some of the people they love the most. Groomsmen typically like the take their pictures a little above and beyond the regular “get together and smile” formation. So, here are a few poses that we love having our groomsmen do so that every one of them is having fun and at the same time, giving you exciting moments to capture.

Important Note: These are simply some fun overviews of our favorite poses. Our actual, complete guide to wedding photography will be much more comprehensive and detailed. To understand our wedding photography framework, be sure to pre-register to receive an announcement when we launch our new Wedding Workshop!

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1. The Explosion Pose

  • Instruct the guys to jump after you count to 3
  • Make sure no faces are covered
  • Make sure no odd shadows are created


2. The Pick Up Pose

  • Place the strongest groomsmen in the middle
  • Have the guys pick up the groom
  • Have the guys toss him around to get fun reactions
  • Ensure no backs are turned towards the camera


3. Hanging Out Pose

  • Choose an activity that matches their personality
  • Choose an activity that matches the scene
  • Consider angled lighting for interesting effects


4. The Selfie Pose

  • Have the groomsmen take out their phones
  • Have them all take selfies
  • Consider fun poses to spice it up
  • Be sure you can see all faces


5. The Ring Pose

  • Have the groom hold out his ring hand
  • Instruct everyone to look at the ring with exaggerating excitement
  • Watch For silly moments before and after the actual pose


6. The Force Pose

  • Have the groom hold out his hand
  • Have the groomsmen jump in unison
  • Consider the “Hadouken” pose or other similar concepts


7. FBI Pose

  • Have the groomsmen make fake guns with their hands
  • Have them point in different directions
  • Have them wear sunglasses if available


8. The Serious Pose

  • Stagger the guys on different planes
  • Consider having them look off camera
  • Consider “no smile” and “squinching” expressions


9. The Caress Pose

  • Instruct the groomsmen to “squeeze the groom on 3”
  • Be ready for crazy reactions


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