We are always on the lookout for musicians that create powerful songs to enhance our film and photographic presentations. So each month SLR Lounge will be featuring those artists that create amazing songs for slideshows and cinema. We spend a lot of time looking for the best music, so hopefully these features will help you all out, while also giving these wonderful musicians a little more credit for their amazing work!

What’s New with The Music Bed

We license all of our music through The Music Bed. This passionate group of creatives keep pushing forward with more artists to expand their already massive collection of songs. The reason why we license through TMB is simply because they make our lives easier. Their licensing is simple, straight forward and affordable. But, more importantly they spend the time needed to curate and organize their library. This means that we don’t have to sort through boat loads of “below average to average” tracks to find that one that is perfect. Virtually every song on the music bed is something I would enjoy listening to simply in-and-of itself. In fact, I often find myself listening to TMB rather than Pandora!

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Don’t tell them we told you (actually, they did give me permission to say this, haha), but there is a pretty massive overhaul of their website,, underway which we are excited to see as well!

Many of you will ask whether this was a sponsored post, and it absolutely was not. This entire series is dedicated to helping recording artists get the recognition they deserve, and to feature companies like TMB that are truly doing things right.

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Right now, we are totally digging Aaron & Andrew.

Aaron-Andrew_SLR-HeaderAaron and Andrew

Aaron and Andrew create anthemic Pop/Rock/Alternative music combining the musical landscapes of Snow Patrol and Coldplay, with the lyrical optimism of the Fray and traces of the Postal Service’s electronic sounds. Their sound is light, yet hits the target melodically when synching up with a slideshow or film.

1. You and Me (instrumental) – Length: 3:55

This song starts of nice and gentle and builds to a steady pace that’s both emotional and introspective. This is great song for wedding/engagement slideshows because it is uplifting, steady in pace, and finishes with a slight percussion build towards the end (around 3:00).

Song used in this video:

2. I Found You – Length: 4:16

With upbeat, straight forward & clear lyrics, this song would be great for a wedding, engagement, or couple’s session slideshow. I Found You has steady and consistent pace with beautiful piano/vocals and an overall emotional and hopeful feel.

3. Chase This Light (instrumental) – Length: 3:59

We love a track that starts out with a gradual uplifting build to the first hit around 30 seconds. From there the song is fast-paced, and high energy. You can find some electronic sounds woven here and there, which break away from the norm. Ultimately, Chase This Light takes you on an uplifting and exciting journey that ends on a high note.


4. Best Days – Length: 3:51

Sunny optimism is one of Aaron and Andrew’s strong suits. Best Days starts off strong with guitar and drums. Caution: It’s uplifting lyrics and poppy chorus will stick in your head all afternoon. Overall, a carefree and light-hearted song that’s perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

 5. Brave (instrumental) – Length: 2:11

Brave begins with ethereal instrumentation that works perfectly with a night sky time-lapse or grandiose landscape shots. Around 1 minute in, the sons resounds with choral voices that lift you up and take you to the end where they gently lay you down.

6. Come on Let’s Get It Going (instrumental) – Length: 3:30

Sometime, consistency is key. This piece hits you with guitar and piano right from the start and keeps pace all the way to about the 1:00 mark where claps and light keys come in to lift you even higher. Overall a consistent and even keeled song that won’t let you down.


We hope this series helps you all find awesome songs to help you all in your scoring efforts! Let us know what you think in the comments below.