When is the last time you printed your favorite photo to hang on your home or office wall? With the many virtual storage and sharing options now available, it can seem unnecessary or even outdated.   We sometimes use our photos to chase social media likes but neglect the walls of our own homes, allowing our photos to get lost in the digital world.

There are many reasons why physical prints of your favorite captures are worth the modest extra time and expense, even in 2020.  In this article, I’ll discuss five of those reasons and make a case that photo canvas prints are a great go-to physical format.

#1 They Can Do Justice to a Truly Special Image

Split canvas 1

Some photos just set themselves apart from the moment they’re taken. These are the photos that – through sheer inspiration, lucky chance, or a mixture of the two – manage to capture something essential.

An exceptional photo will keep some of its magic even when viewed on an electronic device – despite the limited size and dubious reproduction quality. Printed on canvas, however, the same photo will take full effect, releasing every bit of its emotional and aesthetic power.

If you’ve taken a picture you feel is a genuine career high, you’ll want nothing but the best for it.  Printing your favorite image gives the image a final purpose and makes it a daily reminder of that captured moment or creative achievement.  In terms of the style and material of your prints, try a few different options and see what you prefer and what fits your home.  Whether you choose framed prints, metals, acrylics or canvas prints, the goal is to get your memories and achievements on the walls of your home.  Because life’s best moments are too special to live on a digital hard drive.

#2 They Make Perfect Gifts

Women looking on canvas

When we’re buying gifts, too often we end up with off-the-shelf items that lack any unique character. A new vacuum cleaner or blender will come in handy, but will come up short if you’re looking for the personal touch.

That’s certainly not something you could say about photo canvas prints. Each print on canvas is a totally unique personalized item – so it’s perfect when you want to show that someone’s really been in your thoughts.

Whether you choose a photo from a special event in their life, or a picture of their pet or one of their favorite places, giving a loved one a personalized canvas is a uniquely touching gesture.  And each time they see the print, they’ll think of you!

Here’s a quick personal example.  Last year, I took a trip to the Philippines with a group of friends, and we had the most incredible time exploring the beautiful scenery.  After we returned home, I sent each of them the same canvas print of my favorite photo from the trip.  Everyone absolutely loved the gift, and we now each have a shared memory hanging on the walls of our home.

#3 They’re a Great Way to Boost Your Professional Confidence

Canvas print

Whether you’re an up-and-coming photographer or an established pro, you’ll have times when you feel like you’re facing as many setbacks as triumphs – times when nothing’s going quite right and you feel like your creative progress is going into reverse.

It’s important to arrange a bit of professional self-care now and then. And a small-scale personal exhibition is perfect when you’re looking for a hike in confidence. It’s not about seeking approval from others so much as bringing together a few of your career highs and reminding yourself why you fell for photography in the first place.  A photo series making up a gallery wall at home is enough to get that hit of confidence so you can get back to work feeling centered and positive.

Images shared on social media can give you a brief hit of dopamine, but a set of curated, post produced, and well designed wall art images can give you a daily reminder of your achievements.

#4 They Make for Great Home Decor Elements

Canvas perspective

Moving away from the more abstract qualities, canvas prints can play an important role in interior design too. A cleverly positioned canvas can offset the aesthetic of a room and create a whole new mood.

Canvas prints are versatile and easy to install. With their organic construction and slim, unobtrusive design, they’re suited to a wide range of traditional and contemporary design schemes. As the secret gets out, canvas is becoming a popular low-cost redecoration choice for more and more families across North America.

Canvas is my preferred option for home decor because they can seamlessly integrate into any color scheme in any room.  Since they are edge-to-edge, the elements around the photo, from the color of the walls to the other pieces of decor surrounding the canvas, serve as the visual frame.

#5 They’re Affordable

The competitive pricing for photo canvas prints has long attracted professional photographers and interior design enthusiasts alike.  Per inch, they are priced less that metals, acrylics, and most framed options, making your investment in your memories and your creativity affordable, regardless of your photography level.

For example, 20×30 and 24×30 canvases are under $50 at places like CanvasDiscount.com.   The online shop is great for anyone who needs wallet-friendly service and quick delivery.  Ordering affordable canvases gives you the luxury to fill every room in your home with memories.  It also gives you the option to swap out your pictures without the regret of putting away an expensive piece of wall art.

What are your thoughts?  Do you print your wall art?  What is your favorite material to print on?