Easter is another ones of those dual holidays that has a deep religious meaning as well a  strong focus on children activities. For Christmas we have presents, On Easter we have Eggs with Candy and other fun items.


Photo Credit: Tiffany Lin – Nature Moms Blog

Easter is a great time to take family photos. But what if you want more than the standard obligatory Easter family photo, what if you want to document your Easter with a bit more focus on quality photography or artistic value? Below I have listed my top 3 tips for spicing up your Easter photos; You can find more on these great tips and even more amazing Easter tips on this blog post on Exposure Guide.

1. Look for Candid Moments and Capture Them

While your kids are coloring eggs take a few moments and take some shots of them having a blast coloring the eggs. Another good time to snap some candid shots is of other adults watching the children while they hunt for the eggs on Easter morning. These are just to thoughts for some good candid moments to capture that will be more than a snapshot.


2. Simple Background are Better

It is easy to get distracted while looking at photos with busy backgrounds, but you want your viewers to be locked on the subject of your photos. If you are shooting your kids looking for eggs try and angle your shots so that the background behind them is as simple as possible. For example shoot standing up and point the camera down for a solid green background from the grass, or shoot from below and get the sky up above them as they reach for an egg.


3. Shoot the Details!

Its easy to focus on your kids or significant others when taking pictures on a holiday. But something you can do to really spice up your holiday photography is to take shots of the details, if you are a wedding photographer you know what I am talking about. In the case of Easter the eggs that your kids colored, or – if you are cheap like me- the plastic eggs you bought from the store. Shoot the eggs in the grass, look for patterns or make some to create even more artistic shots.


For more great tips for Easter photography check out the Exposure Guide blog post.

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