Breaking Out Of Foundation Poses

Foundation Poses are a great framework for starting a shoot, but we also encourage photographers to venture out and to be original in their posing. Couple portrait photography and engagement sessions are a collaboration between a couple and their photographer, and the best way to have original poses and photographs unique to your couple is to incorporate their props, activities and their shared interests into their photos.


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Telling Their Story

When you approach couples photography you want to make sure that the couple, their interests, and their character are being represented in the photos. On a couples portrait session, your photos will tell a story of the couple, and we have 3 tips for you to tell the couple’s story.

Tip 1. Incorporate Props and Details

Couples will often bring props with them on their portrait sessions, and you want to make sure you incorporate these into their shoot. Whether it’s homemade or bought, it’s meaningful to the couple and it’s an easy way for the photos to be unique to the couple.


When dealing with props,  be creative with them, don’t just take a photo of the props and be done with it. Have the couple interact with the props, and be creative with your compositions and depth of field.


Tip 2. Show Their Activities

Nothing shows a couple’s endearing love better than them sharing an activity together. Whether it’s playing on the beach, or taking a nice bike ride together, be sure to have these in the shoot, because it’s a major part of their story.


When planning for activities, be sure to take them to a place that is not only photogenic, but also appropriate for the activity. If they’re riding a bike, shoot them at a park, and if they’re playing paddle ball, then get those shots at a beach. You want these activity shots to look natural and not forced.



3. Their Interests

Having common interests is what brings a couple together, which is why it’s essential to have these interests represented in their engagement shoot. If they enjoy dancing, or playing playing music, or they’re both fans of a certain team, be sure to include those in your shoot.


Nothing is more unique and personal to a couple than what they enjoy. Having those things represented in their photos really show a personal touch that the couple will appreciate, and it also adds their character to the photos.

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Conclusion and More Info on Photography Lighting

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