We’re excited to announce the 2023 Narrative International Photography Awards, back for the second year! The art of photography is about more than preserving a moment in time. It is about telling stories. If you’ve captured an image that tells a compelling story and offers a unique perspective, the Narrative International Photography Awards could be your stage.

Award Details

Here’s a quick overview of important details regarding the Awards:

Meet the 2023 Judges

The esteemed panel of judges bring decades of experience to the table. Here’s a peek at what they’re looking for in a winning photo.

Melody Joy

Melody Joy (Melody Joy Co.) is a Destination Wedding, Elopement and Editorial photographer based in Edinburgh. When asked what she looks for in a winning image, Melody says, “I would look for… a unique perspective from a photographer’s eye. So if I see the image and can imagine being there, and it’s not how I would have shot it…it’s a unique perspective, something that stands out.” She encourages artists to enter to push their creativity and realize that others appreciate their work.

Jonathan Zoeteman

Jonathan Zoeteman (Socality) is based in Calgary, Alberta, whose work focuses on capturing the story in the image while exploring the relationships between individuals and the world around them. He says the awards offer an opportunity for photographers to challenge themselves creatively by shooting something specifically for the awards. He says, “There’s a power in photography that lets you frame things and leave things out… I love an image that leaves me questioning something or evoking curiosity.”

Kyle Wilson

Kyle Wilson (Hinterland Stills) is a wedding photographer in Chicago and Narrative’s Head of Industry Insight & Education. Kyle believes capturing the emotions of the day is paramount. For him, a winning photo will make him “feel like I’m actually there in the moment… shooting the wedding from the inside out.” Kyle says that entering the awards allows artists to curate their work and identify what’s great and what they want to do better – an incredible opportunity for anyone at any stage of their career.

Why Enter the 2023 Narrative International Photography Awards?

There are plenty of reasons to enter your photos into the 2023 Narrative International Photography Awards. Here are just a few:

  • Elevate your presence in the photography community.
  • Use it to help market your business.
  • Get used to looking through your work with a critical eye, and also celebrate the amazing work you have been doing.
  • Plus, there are prizes.

Hot Insider Tips from the Masters

We asked a few of the 2022 winners to share their perspectives on the awards and what contributed to their success.

Sarah DeShields: Website | Instagram

Enowen Photography creative portraits 11.jpg

Sarah DeShields’ winning shot came from one of her “creative play days,” where she wanted to explore working with mirrors. It was a tricky shoot, but the end result took her breath away. She offers three points of advice for anyone entering this year’s awards:

  • “Take down any walls inhibiting you from trying new things.”
  • “Look for the work that speaks to you and makes you come alive.”
  • “Don’t think too much about what you think other people will want to see.”

Erin MacFarland: Website | Instagram

Kids hugging from past winner of 2023 Narrative International Photography Awards

Erin MacFarland’s winning shot captured a sweet moment between twin brothers, a bond she recognised and related to. She entered the photography awards because she likes to see how others react to her images and that she can create an emotional response. Her advice to this year’s entrants is to “pick an image that really spoke to you, something that really touched your heart… it’s most likely going to speak to other people too.”

Caitlin Trainer: Website | Instagram

Family Kids Will Be from past winner of 2023 Narrative International Photography Awards

Caitlin Trainer was inspired to enter the awards because she connected with the categories and felt she had images to share with the world. Her winning photo captures a fun moment with her two boys. She focuses on children and lets them lead the shoot to see what happens. She says to everyone entering the awards, “Don’t second guess yourself. Put it out there… jump in with both feet and give it a shot.”

Nathan Walker: Website | Instagram

Wedding Hilarious Moment from past winner of 2023 Narrative International Photography Awards

Nathan Walker started out in family photography when his first child was born. He says shooting weddings is an opportunity to shoot family photography on a momentous day, so he always keeps his eye on the children to capture that once-in-a-lifetime moment. He recommends entering to help promote yourself: “I know for a fact that I’ve booked weddings on the strength of the work that I’ve shared that’s been awarded.” He recommends only presenting work that you stand by and pushing yourself.

Your Turn to Take the Spotlight

Your art deserves to be seen, and your story needs to be heard.

Don’t miss the opportunity to submit to the 2023 Narrative International Photography Awards. You can potentially gain international recognition, get exposure in the photography community, and contribute to a global cause.

If this sounds great to you, then you can enter today.

About the 2023 Narrative International Photography Awards

Now in its second year, the 2023 Narrative International Photography Awards celebrate photographers and their creativity. Since 2018, Narrative has put photographers at the heart of what they do, with a mission to revolutionize how photographers interact with their art with cutting-edge software. Narrative would like to thank the awards partners: Archipelago, Unraveled Academy, Queensberry, Studio Ninja, Pic-Time, and SLR Lounge.