In today’s digital age, selfies have become a popular way to capture moments, express oneself, and share experiences with friends and followers. Selfies are self-portraits taken with a smartphone or a camera held at arm’s length. They allow individuals to showcase their personality, style, and creativity through various poses and expressions. If you’re looking for some fun, creative, and interesting selfie ideas, we’ve got you covered. Here are 18 selfie poses and ideas to inspire your next photo session.

Before we get started, let’s dig into a few more selfie facts. ExpressVPN’s research revealed some interesting facts about selfies and their evolution, from the first-ever selfie to the newest 0.5 selfie trend. Here are some interesting facts from the study:

  • 93M Selfies are taken each day.
  • The Philippines is the country that takes the most selfies.
  • 62% of people in the U.S. had taken a selfie at some point in their lives
  • The youngest age group, 18 to 34, had the most selfie-takers, with 82% having taken one.

With that said, here are 18+ selfie poses and ideas!

1. Standard Selfies

how to take good selfiesThe foundation of a great selfie starts with finding good lighting, looking into the camera, and finding your best expression. Experiment with different angles, facial expressions, and backgrounds to capture your unique personality and style.  For more info, here’s an article and video on How to Take Good Selfies.

2. Selfies with a Silly Face

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Instead of the standard expressions, consider getting silly for a few fun selfie poses. Stick out your tongue, cross your eyes, or make a goofy face. These playful selfies are perfect for adding a touch of humor to your photo collection.

3. Selfies while Winking into the Camera

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Similar to the pose above, experiment with different expressions, such as winking into the camera. This flirty and charismatic pose adds an element of intrigue to your selfies.

4. Selfies Featuring a Pet

selfie poses ideas pexels yuliya strizhkina 1198869 1To showcase your personality and feature your best furry friends, try getting selfies with your pet. Whether it’s a cute puppy, a mischievous cat, or any other beloved pet, including them in your selfies adds an extra dose of cuteness and charm.

5. Selfies that Also Feature Food

selfie poses ideas pexels kampus production 5920764Food photography is a common way to remember your meals and experiences, from the fancy courses to the everyday eats. An even better, more personalized way to document your favorite foods is to feature them in a selfie. Hold your plate of delicious food close to the camera and capture the mouthwatering moment.

6. Mirror Selfies

selfie poses ideas pexels cottonbro studio 4551311Taking a selfie in a mirror is a great way to get a full-body picture or capture a creative composition if the mirror has a beautiful or interesting design. Experiment with different angles, poses, and reflections to create visually captivating mirror selfies.

7. Car Rear View Selfies

selfie poses ideas pexels lisa fotios 6141285 1A creative and interesting selfie pose idea is to take one using the rear-view mirror in your car. This perspective adds a unique twist to your photos and can be particularly effective while on road trips or during adventurous journeys.  These selfies give the viewer a glimpse of the location while the focus is on you, the picture taker.

8. Selfies while Twirling Hair

selfie poses ideas pexels anna shvets 3727479Selfies while twirling your hair can add a playful and casual feel to the photo. This pose works well for individuals with longer hair and creates a relaxed and carefree vibe.

9. Selfies while Holding a Hat

selfie poses ideas pexels tommy huang 1101597Selfies while holding or tipping a hat can be a fun, fashion-centric way to capture a self-portrait. Experiment with different hat styles and angles to find the one that best reflects your personality and adds a touch of sophistication to your selfies.

10. Selfies from Above while Lying Down

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Capture a unique perspective and a flattering look by taking selfies from above while lying down.  Gravity naturally pulls the skin and cheeks back, which can create a flatter self portrait.  This pose also emphasizes your facial features and can be especially flattering when taken in natural lighting.

11. Selfies in Bed

selfie poses ideas pexels andrea piacquadio 3755754Selfies taken in bed can be playful or seductive, depending on the pose and your wardrobe. Snuggle up with pillows, use cozy blankets, or strike a glamorous pose to create captivating and intimate bedroom selfies.

12. Selfies while Kneeling Down

selfie poses ideas pexels hamann la 1205033Kneeling down for a selfie adds an element of dynamic composition to your photos. Experiment with different angles and backgrounds to capture a captivating and energetic pose.

13. Selfies from Below

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Looking for a selfie pose that adds a creative twist to your group photos? Try taking selfies from below! This unique perspective involves placing your phone on the ground and gathering your friends in a circle around it, with everyone looking down at the camera. Not only does this pose create a visually interesting composition, but it also adds a playful and dynamic element to your group selfies.

When you position the camera below you and your friends, it captures a fresh and unexpected angle. The upward view can make you all appear larger than life, accentuating your facial features and creating a sense of grandeur. This perspective also gives prominence to the sky or the surrounding environment as the backdrop, adding depth and visual interest to the photo.

14. Selfies with Kissy or “Duck” Face

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While it may be a traditional and somewhat cliché pose, the kissy or “duck” face selfie can still be a fun and lighthearted option. Pucker up your lips, tilt your head slightly, and show off your playful side.

15. Romantic Couples Selfies

selfie poses ideas pexels james frid 901944

Capture beautiful moments with your partner by taking romantic couples selfies. Snuggle up, hold hands, or share a kiss while capturing your love and affection in a single frame.  For more pose ideas for your romantic couples selfies, see our article on cute couples poses.

16. Fun Group Selfies

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When it comes to creating lasting memories with your friends, fun group selfies are an absolute must. These selfies capture the essence of your shared experiences, laughter, and the special bond you have as a group. So gather your friends, get ready to strike a pose, and make sure everyone fits into the frame for an epic group selfie that will be cherished for years to come.

The key to a successful group selfie is to find a suitable location and ensure that everyone is included in the frame. Whether you’re exploring a vibrant city, enjoying a beach day, or attending a special event, choose a backdrop that complements the mood and theme of your gathering. Consider landmarks, natural scenery, or even a colorful wall as a backdrop to add visual interest to your group selfie.

17. Selfies at Events

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Taking a selfie at a major event, such as a concert, festival, or any kind of gathering, can help you remember the excitement and energy of the moment. Include the event backdrop or the crowd in your selfies to capture the atmosphere and create a sense of nostalgia.

18. Action and Active Selfies

selfie poses ideas pexels run ffwpu 1643094

Capture the thrill of the moment by taking selfies while engaged in various activities. Whether you’re running a marathon, walking down the street, or riding a bike, these action selfies convey a sense of energy and movement.  These lifestyle portraits can seem less posed, more organic, and more natural than standard selfies.

19. Selfies with Family

selfie poses ideas pexels monstera 5996835

One of the most special and heartwarming selfie ideas is capturing moments with your family. Whether it’s a casual outing, a family gathering, or a special occasion, taking selfies with your loved ones creates cherished memories that can be cherished for years to come. Include everyone in the frame, from grandparents to siblings, and capture the genuine smiles and laughter that come with spending quality time together.

These family selfies not only showcase the bond you share but also serve as a visual reminder of the love and support that surrounds you. So gather your family members, squeeze in close, and snap some beautiful and meaningful selfies that encapsulate the joy and unity of your family.


Selfies offer endless possibilities for creativity and self-expression. With these 18+ selfie poses and ideas, you can add fun, creativity, and interest to your photos. Remember to experiment, be yourself, and have fun capturing memorable moments through the lens of your smartphone or camera. So grab your device, strike a pose, and start snapping those selfies!