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100 Best Wedding Photographers in the U.S. and Canada for 2016

By SLR Lounge Official on July 15th 2016

Update | The Final 9 Photographers

After having gone through all of the submitted nominations, our team has selected the final 9 photographers to add to our 100 Best Wedding Photographers in the U.S. and Canada for 2016!

In selecting the final award winners, we maintained our original selection methods of considering each nominee’s awards, portfolios, and overall artistic vision and skill.

So, without further ado, congratulations to the following photographers (presented in alphabetical order):

  1. Cafa Liu – Toronto, Canada
  2. Christian Oth – New York, NY
  3. Jason Vinson – Fayetteville, AR
  4. Jimmy Bui – Riverside, CA
  5. Lear Miller – Phoenix, AZ
  6. Lisa Rhinehart Photography – Shippensburg, PA
  7. Michael Anthony – Los Angeles, CA
  8. Stephane Lemaire – El Paso, TX
  9. Theilen Photography – Reno, NV


While SLR Lounge covers articles and tutorials for all types of photography, our roots have always been weddings.  So when determining our list of the “100 Best Wedding Photographers in the U.S. and Canada,” we did not take the task lightly.  After researching for weeks, analyzing thousands of portfolios, and getting expert opinions from industry leaders, we came up with the following list.

*Note: Click here to see our Top 150 Best International Wedding Photographers of 2016!

The selection method for the best wedding photographers

Our goal was to invent our own systematic method of selection that included as much objectivity as possible in an inherently subjective process. Here’s how we created the list:

Step 1: We first compiled multiple lists of award-winners, instructors, and industry leaders from a variety of respected sources. These sources included the following:

  • Conference Speakers – Educators from this year’s WPPI, PhotoPlus, Imaging USA, Canada Photo Convention, CreativeLive, and Mystic Seminars
  • Award Winners – Photographers recognized by respected sources like Pop Photo, Junebug Weddings, Martha Stewart Weddings, American Photo Mag, and Fearless Photographers
  • Brand Ambassadors – Sponsored photographers from respected brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Profoto, Kodak and the MAC Group lineup of products

Step 2: We ran these lists through a formula to find the reoccurring names. If a name or studio appeared more than once, they were up for consideration. We then looked for the following:

  • Working Photographers – Since this is an annual list of the best wedding photographers for 2016 (and not an “all-time” list), we wanted to ensure that each artist was active. For this, we looked for clues like their blog entry dates and the contents of their social media activity.
  • Artists and Not Just Educators – The formula revealed some photographers who are well-known educators but lacked in artistry in comparison to the rest of the results. These were eliminated.
  • Artists and Not Just Networkers – The formula also revealed some photographers who are well connected in the industry but lacked in artistry in comparison to the rest of the results. These were also eliminated.

Step 3:  We went through the long process of reviewing each portfolio for the following characteristics:

  • Uniqueness and Creativity – This list favors photographers who are doing something different. Some are pioneering new techniques like Ryan Brenizer or Sam Hurd. Others see art in places where most photographers would overlook like Two Mann and Chrisman Studios.
  • Artistry and Vision – This list also favors photographers who have a complete vision for the final product like Erich Mcvey and Dylan and Sara. In their images, you can see how all elements of the scene work together (the models, wardrobe, makeup, location, post-processing, and more) for a beautiful, cohesive, final product.
  • Timing and Emotion Capture – This list also favors photographers who have a knack for being in the right place at the right time, like Callaway Gable and Anna Kuperberg, who create emotional photojournalism.
  • Consistency – This list favors photographers who produce consistent quality from shoot to shoot. One single great shot (or even a large set of great shots) is not enough to make the list.

Step 4:  We then compared portfolios again and continued to eliminate until we cut the list down to 91 photographers. We kept our list at 91 because we want you to nominate the rest of the 9 in the comments below. We’ll look into each and every suggestion you make and finalize our list half way through the year. We are asking for your help because, as with any “best of” list, there are limitations and flaws with the selection. The primary limitation is that the initial selection favors artists with high visibility, whether that be through teaching, networking, or winning awards.  There very well could be some deserving photographers with lower visibility (perhaps with all of their efforts going towards serving their clients). There may also be some rising stars that are simply too new to pop up on our radar. So let us know your thoughts and help us make this the best possible list of its kind.

The 100 Best Wedding Photographers in the US and Canada for 2016

Due to the subjective nature of art and photography, we decided to order this list in alphabetical order:

  1. Aaron Morris – New York, NY
  2. Abby Plus Dave – Calgary, AB
  3. Amanda Basteen – Des Moines, IA
  4. Anna Kuperberg – San Francisco, CA
  5. Ashley And Jeremy Parsons – Kansas City, MO
  6. Ashley Fisher – St Louis, MO
  7. Bambi Cantrell – San Francisco, CA
  8. Bradford Martens – Dallas, TX
  9. Brett Butterstein – San Diego, CA
  10. Brian And Allison Callaway – Los Angeles, CA
  11. Brian Maheux – Fort Collins, CO
  12. Camille & Chadwick Bensler – Vancouver, BC
  13. *Caroline Tran – Los Angeles, CA
  14. Charleton Churchill – Sacramento, CA
  15. Chrisman Studios (Ben, Erin and Mauricio Arias) – San Francisco, CA
  16. *Christina Blanarovich – New York, NY
  17. Cliff Mautner – Philadelphia, PA
  18. Crystal Stokes – Charlotte, NC
  19. Curtis Moore – Winnipeg, MB
  20. Dallas & Sabrina Kolotylo – Vancouver, BC
  21. Danny and Julia Dong – San Francisco, CA
  22. Dave Paek – New York, NY
  23. David Murray – Kennebunkport, ME
  24. Davina and Daniel – Montreal, QC
  25. Derren Raser – Arcata, CA
  26. Divine Method – Toronto. ON
  27. Dylan And Sara – Portland, OR
  28. Ed Pingol – San Francisco, CA
  29. Elizabeth Messina – Santa Monica, CA
  30. Emin Kuliyev – New York, NY
  31. Erich Mcvey – Salem, OR
  32. Eugene Michel – Spokane, WA
  33. A Fist Full of Bolts – Seattle, WA
  34. Gabe Mcclintock – Alberta, Canada
  35. Gary Evans -Kitchener, ON
  36. Green Tea Photography – Ottawa, ON
  37. Hiram Trillo – Dallas, TX
  38. Impressions by Annuj – Toronto. ON
  39. Jacklyn Greenberg – New Haven, CT
  40. Jasmine Star – Orange County, CA
  41. Jeff Newsom – San Luis Obispo, CA
  42. Jenna and Tristan – Vancouver, BC
  43. Jennifer Moher – Peterborough, ON
  44. Jeremy Chou – Orange County, CA
  45. John Michael Cooper – Las Vegas, NV
  46. Jordan Voth – Seattle, WA
  47. Jose Villa – Solvang, CA
  48. Joshua Dwain – New York, NY
  49. Julie Paisley – Nashville, TN
  50. Justin And Mary Marantz – New Haven, CT
  51. Justine Ungaro – Studio City, CA
  52. Kathryn Krueger – Waco, TX
  53. Kelly and Sergio – Tucson, AZ
  54. Ken Pak – Centreville, VA
  55. Kenny Kim – Chicago, Il
  56. Kristi Odom – Reston, VA
  57. Kristina and Dee Robinson – Sacramento, CA
  58. *Lin and Jirsa – Orange County, CA
  59. Luke Edmonson – Plano, TX
  60. *Lurey Photography – Cherry Hill, NJ
  61. Mantas Kubilinskas – Washington, DC
  62. Matt Roberts – Santa Barbara, CA
  63. Matt Miller – Atlanta, GA
  64. Matthew Sowa – New York, NY
  65. Melissa Jill – Phoenix, AZ
  66. Michelle Gardella – Wethersfield, CT
  67. Mike Allebach – Norristown, PA
  68. Morgan Lynn Razi – Houston, TX
  69. Nessa K – Washington DC
  70. Nicole Chan – Boston, MA
  71. Pat Furey – Toms River, NJ
  72. Raymond and Jessie – Vancouver, BC
  73. Reese Allen – Charleston, SC
  74. Rob Greer – Los Angeles, CA
  75. Roberto Valenzuela – Los Angeles, CA
  76. Ryan Brenizer – New York, NY
  77. Ryan Joseph – Tampa Bay, FL
  78. Sam Hurd – Washington, DC
  79. Samm Blake – Williamsburg, Brooklyn
  80. Scott & Melissa Hopkins – Savannah, GA
  81. Sean Leblanc – Calgary, AB
  82. Susan Stripling – New York, NY
  83. Taylor Lord – Austin, TX
  84. Timothy Eyrich – Alliance, NE
  85. Todd Laffler – New Jersey, CA
  86. Tony Gambino – Bend, OR
  87. Tony Hoffer – Downingtown, PA
  88. *Trevor Dayley – Phoenix, AZ
  89. *Twisted Oaks – Hammonton, NJ
  90. Two Mann – Canmore, AB
  91. Tyler Wirken – Kansas City, MO

*Note: Starred names indicate an affiliation with SLR Lounge as a content creator for the site. We had originally excluded all affiliated photographers. However, we realized this was unfair. SLR Lounge’s mission and goal is to create a community where the best working photographers are teaching, educating, and elevating our industry. To remove them from eligibility would go against that exact mission statement.

All photographers (including those affiliated with SLR Lounge) were held to the exact same standard and process for making this list. The degree of objectivity in the initial selection process and the 3rd party supporting credentials, awards, and recognition of each photographer allowed us to feel comfortable in our selections, regardless of affiliations.

We need your help!

As mentioned, we left our list at 91 so that we can account for names that we may have overlooked initially. We need your help coming up with the final 9. Comment below to nominate another photographer and we’ll take them into consideration. We’ll make a finalized list half way through the year. Thank you!

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  6. Marek Kuzlik

    I have seen work of couple of them and they are amazing. You won’t find so good wedding photographers in West Midlands, UK where I live.

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    They’re all great photographers!

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  14. Enrique Martinez

    Awesome list! I would like add Black Hat Studio to your 2017 consideration!

    Really awesome work.

    | |
  15. David Patton

    David and the team at Patton Photography

    | |
  16. Satish Kanda

    Hello sir i m online photo shop worker from INDIA can i get some job work ?

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  17. Skyy Runyan

    Can I nominate a 2017 I loved my photographer

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  19. stephane Lacasa

    Honolulu Hi, Thank you guys :)

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  20. Josh Bellingham

    Josh Bellingham (Niagara Falls) –

    | |
  21. | |
  22. Senthil Msc

    Hi…my old photo having not clear anyone solve this…

    | |
  23. Blake Matthew

    Sarah Kossuch! (Michigan)

    | |
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  25. | | Edited  
  26. | |
  27. | |
  28. | |
  29. | |
  30. | |
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  32. Kelvin Strepen

    Hope for the next time.

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  33. C Brown

    Anesha Collins captures precious moments!!!!!

    | |
  34. C Brown

    Anesha Collins with Unashamed Imaging is AMAZING!!!!!! Her work truly shows her gift!!!!!!

    | |
  35. Melissa Davis

    Jane in the Woods does gorgeous work!

    | |
  36. | |
  37. Jeremy Adams Definitely Hollie Dyson from here in Richmond, VA

    | |
  38. Nick Davis

    Hello I am new to this group but I think Bud Johnson would be a great fit and I wouldn’t mind entering myself in the running. Nickdavisphotogrpahy,com

    | |
  39. Kellan McCall

    Logan Westom is a great wedding photographer. He’s a friend of a friend, but his work is phenomenal.

    | |
  40. Arin Chassine

    awesome that you guys looked at my comment from that post a while back and got Christian Oth on the list!

    | |
  41. Dara Johnson

    Stanley Babbs of Stanlo Photography

    | |
  42. Diana Taborin

    Our vote is Dan Luke Photography

    | |
  43. Ross Brosdky

    Hey.. Check this wedding photography website

    | |
  44. | |
  45. Rachel Sykes

    Also Bruce & Sarah at Moments in Digital!

    | |
  46. Rachel Sykes

    Ken & Laura at Just Married Photography!

    | |
  47. Bryan Newfield

    Give Bryan Newfield Photography a look as well! Award-winning, moment-driven.

    | |
  48. Rachel Kerr

    Hannah Marie from Waterloo Ontario! She has spoken on CreativeLive and Shutterfest & won second place at WPPI’s 16×20. She is also sponsored by 17hats, and Fundy.

    Also Michael Anthony from LA! He spoke at Shutterfest.

    | |
  49. DuWayne Denton

    Jean Pierre Uys – New York –

    | |
  50. Oliver Salathiel

    Raph Nogal of Toronto. Profoto Canada Ambassador, MagMod Ambassador, Spider Holster Agent, and he’s won a Fearless award too!

    | |
  51. Julian Wainwright

    Jeff Cooke + Jenn Nauss |

    | |
  52. | | Edited  
  53. Praveenaa Sivapalan

    Ramya Jegatheesan from Ramya J Images

    | |
  54. | |
  55. Casey Tabor

    Shaun Whitworth photography

    | |
  56. Charleton Churchill

    Thank you SLR Lounge once again, honored to be among great photographers.

    | |
  57. Sarah Miller

    Please consider Miller + Miller Wedding Photography

    | |
  58. | |
  59. Philip Siciliano

    Philip Siciliano Photography- Instagram philip_siciliano

    | |
  60. | |
  61. Febian Shah

    Febian Shah Photography –

    | |
  62. Ryan Noltemeyer

    Lang Thomas Photography

    | |
  63. | |
  64. Dana Kaminski

    Would love to see Chrystal and Lucas Photography on the list they are so fun and amazing work to boot

    | |
  65. Michelle Renee

    Lisa Rhinehart Photography goes above and beyond anything you’d ever expect. Her artistic eye and the daring angles are simply to die for. I’ve been enthusiastically watching her photography for years. I have yet to view a photograph that fails to evoke emotion is some way. Best of luck, Lisa! You are truly a magician behind the lens!

    | |
  66. Lisa Turchi-Smeltz

    Lisa Rhinehart Photography! Stellar work, artistic delivery, customized attention to clients and their ideas, and creative beauty. Very professional, and fearless!

    | |
  67. | |
  68. | |
  69. Laura Mares

    Lisa Rhinehart Photography!

    | |
  70. Gillian Thrush

    I would like to nominate Lisa Rhineheart Photography

    | |
  71. Lori Jones

    Lisa Rhinehart should absolutely be on the list!!

    | |
  72. Kris Rhinehart

    Lisa Rhinehart should be on the list – she is very creative and has been honored before on similar lists.

    | |
  73. Christine Hehnly

    Lisa rhinehart photography definitely needs to be on this list!

    | |
  74. Jill Rank

    Lisa Rhinehart

    | |
  75. Kyle Mihalcoe

    Lisa Rhinehart photography is amazing!

    | |
  76. | |
  77. denise t

    I’d like to nominate Vivian Sachs Photography

    | |
  78. Juraj Dorko

    I live in Europe, so I don’t have any personal experience with any of the US or Canadian photographers, but I “live” in an online photography world and for me the big names missing on this list are Neil van Niekerk, Joe Buissink, the guys from F-stoppers and Jerry Ghionis. Though I don’t know whether this last year any of them received any reward or created anything jaw-dropping. But their previous work is pretty consistent and artistic, one might say.

    | |
  79. Ian Rushing

    My vote is for Erum Rizvi as well. as a videographer she’s one of my favorite to work with.

    | |
  80. Snehal Dalvi

    There are a lot of hidden gems in Toronto, ON. You guys should most definitely check out these guys:
    1. EM photography –
    2. Z Molu photography –
    3. Kumari images –

    | |
  81. Babar Roman

    Erum Rizvi, always steps up her game, brings something new and innovative to table,

    | |
  82. Joe Terry

    I nominate Terry Photo Co. They’re amazing –

    | |
  83. Matthew Ducharme

    +1 Erum Rizvi – she packs the most punch per pixel!

    | |
  84. Lateef X

    Recommendation: Erum Rizvi.

    Wow – Great list, may I suggest adding the innovative Erum Rizvi – she does amazing work with multicultural audiences, she’s been featured as a Rangefinder Rising Star, spoken at WPPI and other events, is a leader of DC’s Capital Area Photographer group and her lighting work is world class!

    Her website is:

    | |
  85. Dan Dalstra

    DQ Studios. Dave and Quin are amazeballs.

    | |
  86. Dan Dalstra

    Brady Puryear!

    | |
  87. Jameela Abro

    I nominate Erum Rizvi.

    | |
  88. Riana Khem love her work!

    And Robert j hill !

    | |
  89. Leah Hewitt

    This lady should absolutely be on this list.

    | | Edited  
  90. Joyce Chu

    I’m gonna nominate Jackie Au, 2015 SWPP Photographer of the Year, Wedding photography instructor at University of Calgary. Jackie also won numerous international awards including 3th place and Gold Awards from WPPI

    | |
  91. Jason Coccio

    Jason Lanier

    | |
  92. | |
  93. Abby Grace

    Oh man, how is Jonathan Canlas not on this list already? That guy has produced some of the most inspirational work I’ve ever seen. I love how he seems to see right into the souls of the families he photographs. Really a master of his craft.

    | |
  94. David Wilkins

    Here is a recently published list of the top UK wedding photogrtaphers for 2016

    | |
  95. Landon Wise

    How is Joe Hendricks NOT on this list?!

    | |
  96. Bob Mackowski

    I don’t see a single photographer on the list or in the comments from my region, Eastern North Carolina. That needs to change. Here are a pair to keep your eye on:

    Chad Winstead –
    Magnolia Photography –

    | |
  97. | |
  98. Kevin Nguyen

    +1 for Rich Lander of Chard Photography

    | |
  99. ralph nardell

    Jesse Pafundi of Golden Hour Studios. Remarkable talent:

    | |
  100. Justin Woolley

    Would be awesome to see Cassie Molyneux on the list.

    Cassie’s Camera –

    Consistently creates amazing work.

    | |
  101. Christina Burke
    The Edges Wedding Photography

    | |
  102. Eric Stricko

    I would like to nominate Dan Salvo,
    He is an outstanding artist, and has won many awards in the wedding photography industry. Additionally, he is an ambassador for Spider Holster. Dan is easy-going, approachable, passionate, and always generous with his time, whether with clients or students. I am confident Dan Salvo would make your list of the Best Wedding Photographers.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Eric Stricko

    | |
  103. Shawn Sheehy

    Shawn Black Photography –

    | |
  104. Corey Clarke

    I’d like to nominate Genesa (Richards) Boosz, owner of Genesa Richards Photography.

    | |
  105. David Bruno

    Neil van Niekerk

    | |
  106. Jess DeLo

    ?? DeLorenzo Photography & Colin Coleman Photography — Both award winning and fearlessphotographer awarded and affiliated! Great list! ??

    | |
  107. Dustin Singler

    Forged in the north –, Kristen Marie Parker –, Tyler Branch –, Katch Silva –, Dylan and Sara –

    | |
  108. Maryah Shakir

    Erum Rizvi photography! She’s absolutely amazing

    | |
  109. Jenna Lucia

    I have a lot of people I’m proud to call friends and mentors on here, and I’m so proud of all of them. Some of the people on this list are not only tremendous photographers but amazing, kind and humble people. And it’s a goal of mine to make it on this list with them at some point

    | |
  110. | |
  111. Raven Mathis

    Rich Lander of Chard Photography, Jaron Johns of Dei Gratia or Johnathan Canlas are all great examples to me of hard working and talented wedding photographers. Each are great at obtaining their individual personal style, amazing with clients, give back (either to the community or the industry – usually bot)h and their willingness to share freely with others is present. All in all, making them great candidates for one of the remaining spots.

    I’m so happy to see some friends already on this list! And I know there are some that I am missing when I suggest others for the list!

    | |
    • Kenny Kim

      I agree with Raven about Rich Lander. Great photographer. I also nominate Michael Greenberg from Toronto, CN. He is an award winning photographer, educator, speaker and a great artist. If you check out his work, you will all agree.

      | |
  112. Randy Fields

    Kristen Fields – /

    | |
  113. Marek Cudek

    How about Krakow wedding photographer
    Gosh, it’s american/canadian only … ;)

    | |
  114. Kristy chapman

    You will not regret checking out Yanick Lesperance from Canada. He is always trying something new:

    | |
  115. Maddie Mikster

    Oh also – sorry, I forgot to mention – Lear Miller is amazing! He is so young but very active and sooooo good!

    | |
  116. Maddie Mikster

    My two favorites to follow both their work and their social media accounts are Michelle Koechle ( and Katelyn James ( They’re both wife-husband teams, and their work is fabulous! Katelyn is a great educator and an inspiration to me. Michelle is more low-key but her work speaks worlds and she is always sending positive messages out to woman-kind.

    | |
  117. | |
  118. | |
  119. | |
  120. mari harsan

    Congrats to everyone!!! Especially my DC people: Kristi Odom, Ken Pak, Mantas, Nessa and Sam Hurd! Shaun Baker should definitely be here –

    | |
  121. Elizabeth Fox

    Congratulations to all the amazing talented photographers on this list. I think Dan Dalstra should be on it too.

    | |
  122. | |
  123. Holly Frazier

    Ricky Stern Photography –
    The Marino’s, Imagine Photography –

    | |
  124. Sharon Hanna

    This list isn’t complete without Joshua and Arica Klassen of Manifesto Photography!

    | |
  125. Andy & Amii Kauth

    Brady Puryear is getting a lot of love here … It is well deserved!

    | |
  126. Vince Arredondo

    I’d like to nominate AuPoint Photography –

    | |
  127. Hendrick Moy

    Tatiana Breslow (, and Farid Widjaya (!

    | |
  128. Kenny Kim

    Thank you for this honor. I would like to nominate Bob & Dawn Davis of Bob & Dawn Davis Photography and Design –

    | |
  129. Pye Jirsa

    I’d also like to nominate Kevin Jairaj

    | |
  130. Sapandeep Ahuja

    Sapan Ahuja Photography

    | |
  131. Paul Von Rieter

    Rich Lander of Chard photography. He has built an awesome brand with incredible work and a loyal following over the last few years. Absolutely worth checking out and adding to the list.

    | |
  132. | |
  133. | |
  134. | |
  135. Christine Curtis

    Manifesto Photography! Joshua and Arica Klassen –

    | |
  136. Candace Morris

    Joshua and Arica Klassen of Manifesto photography in windsor on are incredible. I nominate them!

    | |
  137. Heather Robson

    Josh & Arica Klassen of Manifesto Photography belong on this list!

    | |
  138. Julie Cano

    Katelyn James is the absolute best!

    | |
  139. Nat Wongsaroj

    Leah Hewitt is pretty awesome!

    | |
  140. costin Ingratta

    Arica & Josh Klassen of Manifesto Photography

    | |
  141. Ashley Henry

    We would love to be considered!!! What an honor!!! Henry Photography

    | |
  142. Jamie Ivins

    Another vote for Lear Miller. His constant quest for epic locations is inspiring and he’s an all around awesome human being.

    | |
  143. Jay Cassario

    Such an awesome list and talented list, honored to be on it.

    | |
  144. Laura Reynolds

    Charmi Pena Photography

    Seriously. Her. ?

    | |
  145. Sarah Rodriguez-Cookson

    The Yodsukars {Photographic & Cinematic}

    | |
  146. Junior Robles

    Michael Kinney –

    Michael’s vision is what sets him apart from the rest. He his lighting and attention to detail are bar none. He’s reliable, consistent and an amazing artist. Michael Kinney is definitely deserving to be on this list. His work speaks louder than words.

    | |
  147. Robin Pederson Chavez

    Michael Kinney of TAG Photography in Spokane, WA –

    | |
  148. Crystal Stokes

    Lear Miller. While barely a legal drinking adult. His work far surpassed most in the industry. I’m already in awe of what he produced in the next 5-10 years. Esp because I’m already in awe of what he’s producing now!!

    | |
  149. Santos Ritis

    just got a note and couldn’t pass without saying how
    I’ve always enjoyed the work of my local stars here in Toronto. and
    For some reason I can’t access impulse’s site right now.
    Also a fan of not sure if they are here and I just missed them.

    | |
  150. Brad Smith

    Brady Puryear

    | |
  151. | |
  152. | |
  153. Todd Williams

    Ambre Williams Photographp –

    | |
  154. Jenna Lucia

    My wife doesn’t know I’m posting this, but I think she’s one of the best. :)

    | |
  155. Oscar Ibarra

    Sean Gallery Photography

    | |
  156. Daniella Pereira

    | |
  157. Steve Adams

    Sunny & Jess from Deep Blue Photography –

    | |
  158. Logan Byers


    | |
  159. David Murray

    No wedding list such as this would be complete with out Craig and Kitty Fritz of Twin Lens. They shot Ben & Erin Chrisman’s wedding amongst others and Craig is staff at the Foundation Workshops.

    | |
  160. | |
  161. Mike Upton

    Congratulations to everyone on this list! They’re all amazing!

    | |
  162. | |
  163. Ashley Scobey

    I would love to see Tec Petaja on here as well as M2 Photography

    | |
  164. Nan Doud

    My awesome friend, Jackie of

    | |
  165. Kerri Blake Jennifer Sampson of Sampson Photography in Stuart, FL – she is a visionary!

    | |
  166. Becky Kim

    I was shocked not to see STAK Studios, my favorite wedding photographers in NYC,

    | |
  167. | |
  168. Christina Blanarovich

    Honored and humbled to be on this list of incredible talent and industry leaders. I’d love to nominate Jonathan Canlas and Lear Miller. One a legend and all around incredible guy, the other a new talent that is just killing it.

    | |
  169. ed pingol


    | |
  170. Brittany A Burton

    Jennifer Sampson of Sampson Photography-

    She is so so amazing! I love her work!!

    | |
  171. Cafa Liu

    Cafa Liu just got 2fearless awards,9ISPWP awards,and 8PWPC Awards ,check out please.

    | |
  172. | |
  173. Jen Wertman

    Brett and Tori Photography deserve to be o this list!

    | |
  174. Kris Patterson

    this is a great list for IRS lol

    | |
  175. | |
  176. | |
  177. Glenda Quiring he is not only a great photographer but really nice to work with. Kelowna, BC, Canada needs to have at least one photographer on the list. thanks.

    | |
  178. | |
  179. Brittni Smith

    Rachel Gulotta Photography |

    | |
  180. Chris Rebollo

    Collin Pierson Photography belongs on this list! We love having Collin Pierson Photography as a creative partner at The Estate by Gene and Georgetti. Collin is a true professional that captures the most memorable and beautiful moments at our events.

    | |
  181. Michelle Durpetti

    I love working with Collin Pierson of Collin Pierson Photography here in Chicago! So talented, professional and my clients adore working with him!

    | |
  182. | |
  183. | |
  184. Jessica Halas

    Charming Pena Photography

    | |
  185. Carey Nash

    Kelly Redinger

    | |
  186. Carey Nash

    Robert Hill

    | |
  187. | |
  188. Dieter Bartsch

    Peter Togel Photography from Atlanta is missing! They have brides and grooms fly and are very creative ! They are at

    | |
  189. | |
  190. | |
  191. Carey Nash

    Hugh Whitaker

    | |
  192. Nicolette Last

    Mike Colon

    | |
  193. Scott Mosley

    DC Photo, Fresno CA, Scott + Sara

    | |
  194. Becca Mathias

    so shocked that benj haisch isn’t on this list. he’s one of my favorites.

    | |
  195. Melissa West

    Joseph West Photography –

    | |
  196. | |
  197. Nic Johnson

    The stuff Dark Roux out of New Orleans are doing is unreal. The amount of emotion and depth captured in each and every picture is astonishing. MUST SEE.

    | |
    • Jamie Schneider

      Nic Thank you so much for the kind words and for the nomination! We’re super happy for all of our friends on the list

      | |
    • James Blake

      I agree with Nic , I think Dark Roux should of made this list. They are in my top 100.

      | |
  198. David Alonso

    Charmi Patel Peña

    | |
  199. Jeremy Ellsworth

    Dan Dalstra and Brady Puryear are both really stellar. As well as the Marinos.

    | |
  200. Jesse Weideman

    Andi Bravo

    | |
  201. Chase Richardson

    Robby Followell –

    | |
  202. | |
  203. Tony Pollard

    Congrats to all that made the list!!! One more to consider- Tracie Jean Maglosky She’s on the Olympus Visionary team as a Trailblazer and and Ambassador for MagMod!

    | |
  204. Carey Nash

    Jeff Cooke from Cooked Photography. amazing work!

    | |
  205. Kristen Weaver

    India Earl Photography :)

    | |
  206. Chad DiBlasio

    honored to call so many of ya’ll friends! STELLAR list!!

    | |
  207. Jeff Hall

    Jeff Hall Photography – – Northern California

    | |
  208. Ray Miller

    I nominate Andi Bravo.

    | |
  209. Greg Bickford

    Jaime Davis, Orange County, CA – She is absolutely amazing!!

    | |
  210. | |
  211. | |
  212. Mary DeCaprio

    Jean Pierre Uys in NY

    | |
  213. | |
  214. Cassidy N Thompson

    (Cassidy Thompson) Thompson Photography Group

    | |
  215. Tanya Greene

    As I See It –
    Shelley & Jeff are incredible!

    | |
  216. Alex Hornby

    Funkytown Photography and Darshan Alexander Photography

    | |
  217. Paula Rodriguez

    I’d like to nominate Andi Bravo with a Tulsa OK, based photographer, she is amazing!

    | |
  218. | |
  219. Mantas Kubilinskas – Erum Rizvi – she should be there too!

    | |
  220. Stefan Makwana

    Christina Plus Nathan – Calgary, AB –

    | |
  221. Ashley Jones

    Loooove these!!

    I highly recommend Brandy Britton Photography. From Hawaii, currently in Tucson, AZ!

    | |
  222. Jenna Goldman

    Jaime Davis Photography – She is incredibly talented and is wonderful to work with.

    | |
  223. | |
  224. | |
  225. Deirdre Ryan

    I also nominate Charmi Pena Photography She’s just amazing and awesome!

    | |
  226. Dan Yoates

    Jimmy Bui! I’m in awe of his work week in and week out from his facebook posts.;

    | |
  227. Cecilia Gunawan

    One of the top 30 world best wedding photographers by Signature Weddings – Melvin Gilbert Photography –

    | |
  228. | |
  229. | |
  230. | |
  231. | |
  232. Alex Valtchev

    Keda.Z – ?? This guy is amazin
    Fstoppers – Lee Morris and Patrick Hall
    Joe Buissink

    | |
  233. Becca Goldring

    Zac Wolf Photography – Boston, MA ( & Redfield Photography – Philadelphia, PA (

    | |
  234. Megan Allen

    I’d vote for Jason + Joanne Marino of Imagine Photography. Their OCF work is killer!

    Also Robert J Hill, if I’m allowed to vote for two. :)

    CONGRATS to all the winners!

    | |
  235. | |
  236. Bud Johnson

    Get Lear Miller on this list pronto!

    | |
  237. | |
  238. Nancy Li

    Brady Puryear for sure! I love love LOVE his work!

    | |
  239. Javier Botero

    Bob Davis

    | |
  240. Feuza Reis

    Also Michael Ramos and Hendrick Moy are some of my faves too

    | |
  241. | |
  242. Feuza Reis

    Wish Cass Bradley had made it to this list

    | |
    • Cass Bradley

      aw, thank you so much my dear. (However, I don’t really do contests so I certainly haven’t won any and my coaching has only just started so I don’t think I meet their criteria. :-) Maybe next year:-) Thank you!

      | |
  243. Riana Buttner

    Brady Puryear

    | |
  244. Javier Botero

    Joe Buissink

    | |
  245. | |
  246. Joshua McDonald

    LoL – can you nominate yourself?

    | |
  247. Crystal Stokes

    I would love to also see Jeff Cooke on this list (can i nominate 2??:

    | |
  248. Pye Jirsa

    I’m gonna nominate Jeremy Chou –

    | |
  249. Glen Cuthbert

    Michael Steingard- Stratford, Ontario:

    | |
  250. Justin Haugen

    Michael Anthony and his team belong on this list. I look up to his work and business model in a big way.

    | |
  251. Crystal Stokes

    Charmi Pena Photography –

    | |