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In a previous post on Starting a Wedding Photobooth, we mentioned that we chose DSLR Booth as our software. In this article, we are going to dig deeper to give you more insight to the software’s features and functionality.


Below are the basic and notable features of the software:

  • Takes several photos and creates a print based on a layout of your choosing.
  • Complete control over branding of final print.
  • Stores all pictures and prints.
  • Works with all digital dslr cameras.
  • Optional Classic Unattended Photobooth Mode: Click a button and have a countdown with camera automatically snapping up to 4 pictures.
  • Various layout options including custom layout options with pro edition.
  • Green Screen (Chroma Keying) allowing the replacement of a green or blue background with a custom background.  (Professional Edition).
  • Live View which allows people to see a video of themselves before the camera takes a picture. (Professional Edition).
  • Trigger from a button or a foot switch.
  • View on ipad: Guests can view their prints right away on an ipad using an eye-fi card.

As you can see from the list of features, the software is simple and straightforward yet robust and versatile. This software is particularly great if you’re looking for an automated software that, out of the box, allows you to get started without a lot of technical knowledge or equipment. For example, if you’re a wedding photographer trying to add photobooth services to your business and you already have all of your lighting, cameras, etc, then all you need in addition is a laptop, this software, and a printer. It takes anywhere from 1-3 hours to configure your settings and play around with the settings. However, once that’s done, even non-photographers should be able to operate this software without any hickups.

Photobooth Software Price

One of the most attractive features of this software is the price. At $150 for the pro edition and $50 for the standard edition, it’s the lowest priced photobooth software on the market. They also offer a free trial so you can test and configure without committing to the purchase.

Screenshots of dslr Booth

The image below shows you the various options you have in your preferences. Note the “print automatically” option that allows your operator to simply take the set number of pictures and the software automatically sends it to the printer for print. Also note the orientation option that allows you to print landscape or portrait.


The image below is the “start” screen. You initiate the process simply by taking the first image.


The image below shows the layout creator, which allows you to customize the layout of the prints. This is especially important if require custom layouts for different client needs.



DSLR Booth is an affordable, versatile, easy-to-use software for those looking to set up a photo booth. We recommend this software and we have used it ourselves for several photobooth gigs in Los Angeles with great success. What are your thoughts on this software? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



Pye (AKA Post Production Pye) is a founder and the Managing Editor for SLR Lounge. Pye is also a Partner of Lin and Jirsa Photography, an Orange County based wedding, engagement and portrait photography studio. Connect with him on Google Plus


  1. Mark

    I agree, the concept is really great, simple and easy to use, great support (from Mike). Just a small hiccup, as the software evolve and continuously improving I experienced some bugs and little glitches i.e SMS option which is a really great addidition (not free but with a very minimal fee via Twilio) but if the team can make the”Email” sharing option flawless and consistent that is all you need since most people have smart phones and can received photos and can be able to share it to different social media by just using their phones.
    This software will be 5 out of 5 stars.

    Since most people nowadays I’m sure the team is working on it diligently.

  2. Mark K

    Not sure when this review was posted, but the software as of 10-2013 has changed for the better by now. The branding screen is incredible now, giving you tons and tons of options. It is simple to setup the software to be used for what ever type of photo booth you are going to run. And it does the work fast, keeping copies of both the original image and the watermarked image. It is one of the best photo booth software now, at any price.

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  4. michael pakay

    bought a mojo system [ vidieo] it has breeze software but seems to difficult to use how is yours in comparision? thank you

  5. Kent Judkins

    I use Breeze software, DSLR Remote, in the photo booth mode. Even though it looks a little complicated, once you learn it you’ll love how powerful and reliable it is. I have tried other programs that try to be “easy” to use but I always come back to DSLR Remote for the control and stability of it.

    • Andrew

      I’m having an issue because I also use Breeze software but I’m having trouble editing the header and footer. Instead of just text at the top and bottom is there a way to customize it into something different??? I just started using it but I’d like to change the layout. I know you have a few layout options but I’d like to change the font into something like the monogram or different text. It just appears too basic for my liking and was wondering if you could help me out.

  6. Jed

    How easy is it with dslrbooth to print a copy of a set? If there are four people in the shot, and each want a copy, is there an easy way to do this?

  7. Chuck Eggen

    I had no idea there was software for this. This is why I regularly read SLR.

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