Creating personalized lifestyle photographs requires that you understand your couple’s personalities, likes, hobbies, etc. To help us get to know our couples, we like to get them to make a “mood board.”




The mood board is simply an idea board made up of photographs that your clients put together. Whether we are shooting for an editorial piece, or doing couples portraiture, we always have our clients put together a mood board. It is the best way for us as a studio to communicate and get on the same page photographically with our clients.

To create a mood board, we instruct our couples to pick photos primarily from our website and blog. We don’t mind couples also selecting a few photos from other websites and photographers, but nothing is worse than a client asking you to simply recreate someone else’s work. We want to make sure our style of photography is what the couple wants because we feel that in general, a photographer is not at their best when they’re trying to mimic someone else.

We ask them to compile their images into a Pinterest board and write why they like a particular photo. Often times, a client will like a photo for a completely different reason than what you might think. When they choose a photo, you may see a beautiful golden hour photo with perfect lighting, but they may just simply like the pose.

Once the mood board is created, you’ll get a good idea of what the couple wants in terms of their own Lifestyle photography.  The process also gives the photographer a better idea of what activities and locations to plan out for the couple’s shoot.