Create a Moodboard for Every Shoot | Transcription

Whether you are shooting for your own personal enjoyment, or whether it’s for a client, I always recommend putting together a mood board. A mood board is simply a place where you can collect inspirational images that are going to help guide the overall direction of your shoot. From the newborn’s attire to the scene to the style of post-production, the mood board is your best friend when it comes to planning your shoot.

Now if this shoot is a personal shoot, then the mood board will really help in guiding you behind the camera to achieve your vision. Oftentimes, we can really forget our vision once we step behind the lens and are just trying to essentially get the shot. So having a created mood board is going to help you in keeping your vision consistent with your planning, as you can refer to it throughout the shoot.

Now if this shoot is for a client, then I would say that the mood board is an absolute must-have, as it’s going to help you really understand what types of photographs and set ups your clients are looking for. Without a mood board, you might do an incredible job with the shoot, only to find out afterwards that basically you’ve skipped your client’s favorite poses, or you didn’t post-produce the images with the kind of style and color they were looking for. Essentially, for the client-serving professional, the mood board is your opportunity to align your vision and communication with your clients.

During the mood board planning, this is also when I try to ask my clients about what they are personally interested in. I want to see if there are any concepts and set ideas that we can use that kind of incorporates the parents’ personalities into their newborn’s photos.

For Ellie, Ellie’s mother used to live in Italy and then France for a couple of years, so one of our shots I wanted to basically incorporate or kind of have a Parisian influence, with the look and props. That’s why we got that book that says Paris on it.

My two favorite apps for creating mood boards are Pinterest and Evernote. Pinterest is a wonderful place to search for photography and image inspiration, and then add them to essentially your own mood board collection. Evernote is a great app; it’s available for your phone and it makes it very easy to record notes and ideas wherever you are. If you’re out and you spot something that would be great for a shoot, Evernote’s going to help you record it to an idea board, where you can access it via the cloud.

Whether you’re shooting for pleasure or a profession, having a mood board will really help you in planning and executing the vision for your shoot.