After 3 years of filming and with the completion of Photographing the Reception (now available in Store) we are proud to present our largest workshop bundle in SLR Lounge history: The Complete Wedding Photography Training System – your path to becoming a successful wedding photographer! Become the artist that you’ve always wanted to be, in a fraction of the time!

This system is a combination of real-world experience with in-depth training and includes 10 years of experience bundled into 8 comprehensive workshops.

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See What Other’s Have to Say About Our System

I seriously can’t thank SLR Lounge enough. The confidence I have gained is insane and without you guys, I would be lost. I am now able to provide a higher level of photography to people in my area and it feels sooo damn good!  – Ian Eldridge


Hands down. There is no equal to what you’ve accomplished here. All I can say is thanks Pye I can’t imagine anyone else to turn to when it comes to anything photography. – Sean Munzlinger 


The wedding courses have been priceless for our business. Tips and things that I would not have thought of were essential in setting and exceeding our client’s expectations. I continue to watch the courses and learn from them every time. – Laura Ochoa

8 full workshops, Comprehensive A-Z Training

Experience 70 + hours of education complete with exercise files, quizzes, assignments, PDF Guides, checklists & more. This is the world’s most comprehensive wedding photography training system, detailing every aspect of photographing the wedding day. Our training system includes the following workshops:

Wedding Workshop 1 | Planning and Communication

Wedding Workshop 2 | Photographing the Groom

Wedding Workshop 3 | Photographing the Bride

Wedding Workshop 4 | Photographing the Couple

Wedding Workshop 5 | Photographing the Ceremony

Wedding Workshop 6 | Photographing the Details

Wedding Workshop 7 | Photographing Group Portraits 

Wedding Workshop 8 | Photographing the Reception

Bonus | Wedding Cultural Guides

While most online wedding education is based on theory, we will take you behind-the-scenes on real weddings with real clients. In fact, it’s the exact same training system Lin & Jirsa associate photographers use.

Perfect On-The-Go Lighting For Every Scene

Lighting is a major foundation for wedding photography. Using small and inexpensive flashes, you will learn to see and modify light. Learn to create incredible effects with very little gear, and how to use modifiers to shape the perfect quality of light.

  • Master Reception Lighting in Dark Scenes
  • Learn Creative Lighting for Unique Portraits
  • Understand Natural Light for Beauty Portraits

Watch As Posing & Directing Become Second Nature

You will master the art of posing and directing. The Foundation Posing Framework is a system designed to help you understand the purpose or story behind a pose. Without feeling stress or pressure, you will be able to effortlessly pose and direct clients into authentic imagery. You will also be able to identify and correct anything that appears “off.”

Think Creatively, Especially Under Pressure

Every workshop in this training system trains your creative muscles. You will walk away seeing the world differently from those around you. Learn how you can use small tools like string lights and prisms to add interest, conceal & reveal elements in the scene, and more. You will walk away not only seeing interesting compositions but also knowing how to add creative lighting that will amaze your clients.

Master Storytelling & Photojournalism

A big part of your job as a wedding photographer is directing and managing your team. You need to understand the ideal positions for every major event, including the first look, the ceremony, the reception and more so that your team is always in the right position at the right time.

You Will Learn … Well … Everything Else Too!

Each course is designed to help you master every part of the wedding day and become a better photographer and artist throughout the entire process! Here are other concepts you’ll learn in our training system:

  • Gear Buying Guides For Any Budget
  • Efficient & Beautiful Post Production
  • Managing Expectations & Avoiding Issues
  • How To Create Natural & Authentic Moments
  • Simple Tricks, Amazing Results
  • Master Lighting + Composition
  • Make Your Clients Feel Like Models
  • Stand Apart With Unique Formal Portraiture
  • And More!!
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