Venus Optics has announced the pricing and shipping details of the long-awaited Laowa OOOM 25-100mm T2.9 Cine lens. First announced in 2018, Venus Optics have spent more than 3 years to develop and improve the new OOOM 25-100mm T2.9 Cine lenses with the aim to deliver a budget par-focus cine zoom lens with a comprehensive zoom range and unique look.

OOOM 25 100mm Laowa 13


OOOM is a new line-up developed by Venus Optics and it stands for “Out Of Our Minds”. They are hoping to come up with lenses people had never thought of and to fulfill the unmet needs of cinematographers.

The aim

Unlike some of the other cinema zoom lenses in the market, the OOOM was designed for cinematography purposes from the beginning and therefore it exhibits the imperative features including parfocus and little-to-none focus breathing. Venus Optics had also spent quite a lot of time in to develop a unique ‘OOOM look’ with characters from vintage lenses as well as good sharpness of modern optics.

Screengrab © James Tonkin


Comprehensive 4x zoom range

The OOOM is a versatile, all-in-one lens that is able to focus from ultra-wide (25mm) to telephoto (100mm) distances and has an uncommon 4X zoom factor. From narrative to documentary, from one-man-band to a film crew, the OOOM is designed for any type of gigs.

OOOM 25 100mm Laowa 12

Super35+ coverage

A bigger Super35 design allows it to be used with no vignetting on Alexa Mini 4k UHD (& opengate), 8k HD on Red Helium and 5k HD on Red Gemini. The coverage can even be expanded to FF by using our 1.4x expander.

Parfocal design

The focus will remain the same no matter zooming in or out. The subject will remain sharp and in focus.

Extremely low focus breathing

Unlike rehoused cinema zoom lenses in the market with serious focus breathing, our lens was designed for cinematography in the first place and the breathing is thereby controlled to the minimal in its class. The composition will remain the same when pulling focus.

Constant T2.9 with super close focus

The large constant T2.9 allows you to shoot in low light situations throughout the whole zoom range. The lens can focus as close as 60cm (~2 feet from the sensor) which gives cinematographers more flexibility for framing.

Full Frame Compatible via 1.4x Expander (To be released in 3 months)

A 1.4X FF Expander is tailor-designed for the OOOM to expand the coverage into full-frame without degradation on image quality. Unlike other expanders in the market, the Laowa 1.4x Expander is designed to offset the aberrations found on the OOOM and retains its characters and performance. There will be a 1-stop light impact and 1.4x impact on the range, making it a 35-140mm T4 lens. A quick switch button is designed on the lens to allow easy conversion of focal length & t-stop scale.

Rear 1.33X Anamorphic Adapter (To be released in 3 months)

A new 1.33X rear Anamorphic Adapter is also designed to create cinematic 2.35:1 widescreen ratio when paired up with the OOOM. The rear anamorphic design behaves differently than front anamorphic design and has a unique character that cannot be paralleled by spherical lenses. There will be a 1⁄2 stop light impact on the lens when the anamorphic adapter is used.

The Look

OOOM 25 100mm Laowa 8

Venus Optics are trying to deliver a zoom lens that blends in the characters of both modern and vintage optics. The OOOM is designed to offer a beautiful vintage look in its color and bokeh. The image is not overly contrasty nor flat but with a very good sharpness of modern lenses. It also renders a natural healthy skin tone and a silky smooth transition.

User-interchangeable PL/EF/E mounts

It comes in a hard case in default PL mount. A separate EF and E mount bayonet are included into the package where users can change it easily. A package of shims and tools are included for users to fine-tune the lens to the flange distance of their own cameras.

OOOM 25 100mm Laowa 11

Industry-grade mechanical design

Both zoom, aperture and focus rings are designed with 0.8mod gears for motor engagement. The front outer diameter can be stepped up to 114mm via the included step-up ring and a 95mm filter thread is also equipped for easy filter installation.

Screengrab © Bob Gundu

Technical Specifications

  • Focal Length 25-100mm
  • T-stop range T2.9-22
  • Zoom factor 4X
  • Format Compatible S35+
  • Optical structure 20 elements in 16 groups
  • Aperture blades 9
  • Closest Focusing Distance 60cm / 1.97 feet
  • Max. Magnification 0.25x
  • Weight ~2.5kg / ~5.5 lbs
  • Aperture throw 50.5 °
  • Zoom throw 163 °
  • Focus throw 300 °
  • Measurement Φ 102*240 mm / Φ 4” * 9.45 “
  • Front Diameter 100mm (114mm step-up ring included)
  • Filter Thread 95mm
  • Mount PL / EF / FE (Interchangeable)
  • Max. Coverage (RED)
    • Red Monstro (6K HD)
    • Red Helium (8k HD)
    • Red Gemini (5k HD)
  • Max. Coverage (Arri)
    • Arri Alexa Mini (4K UHD & opengate)

Pricing & Availability

The new Laowa OOOM 25-100mm T2.9 is currently available to order via Venus Optics’ new website for cinema lenses and authorized resellers. The US (ex-VAT) price is $5,000/pc for lens only and $6,500 for a bundle with the 2 adapters. The standalone price of the 1.4x FF expander as well as the 1.33x rear anamorphic adapter is $999 respectively. Pricing varies in different countries.

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Sample Footage with the OOOM 25-100mm T2.9 Cine Lens

(Credit: Ascending Works, DP: Weston Walker)

(Credit: Silton Buendia)

Who’s In The Odd Socks – Promo from hangman on Vimeo.

(Credit: James Tonkin)

(Credit: Joe Gunawan)

(Credit: Joe Gunawan / Clifton Stommel)

(Credit: Bob Gundu)

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