For wedding & portrait photographers, album and wall art sales represent a significant source of income (or lost income, if you’re not taking advantage of this resource). Without the right design software, however, the design process can prove cumbersome, not to mention the hassle of integrating the sales process into your workflow. Luckily, with the release of Fundy Designer in 2008, as well as the launch of the new AlbumWorks design software, also by Fundy, you now have access to two incredible options that simplify the design process and make album sales accessible to all levels of photographers.

To help you find out which of these two album design software options is a better fit for your photography business, Vanessa Joy, renowned wedding photographer and Canon Explorer of Light, recently compared Fundy Designer to AlbumWorks. Here’s what she discovered.

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Fundy Designer Vs. AlbumWorks: Common Ground

Fundy Designer has established itself as the premiere go-to design software for wedding and portrait photographers since its release in 2008. AlbumWorks, on the other hand, is Fundy’s new web-based design software. Here’s a quick look at what they have in common.


Both album design software options offer affordable, flexible pricing plans. Fundy Designer costs $24/month with a subscription or $499 to purchase in one lump sum. AlbumWorks is available for less than $10/mo when paid yearly. You can get started on both applications with a free trial.

Modern Templates and Auto-Design Feature for Instant Albums

fundy designer vs albumworks best album design software templates

Both options offer one-click modern templates and auto-design options. The auto design feature can save photographers a significant amount of time when it comes to designing the album, and the initial layout usually gets you pretty close to a finished product, requiring minimal changes based on your subjective preference for finalizing spreads.

Easy Customization with Fundy’s Patented Drop Zones

fundy designer vs albumworks best album design software dropzone

Because of Fundy’s patented drop zone technology, you can easily drag and drop (and swap) images, as well as resize the image boxes to customize your image size ratio and shape. If you’ve tried other album design software, you were likely missing this feature, and once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

Set up for 150 Labs

fundy designer vs albumworks best album design software print labs

It’s never been easier to order albums and wall art prints thanks to the deep list of professional print labs that link directly to both of these software applications. You have ordering options (album sizing, safe zones, etc.) for 150 labs at your fingertips, including Miller, Bay Photo, and more.

Fundy Designer Vs. AlbumWorks: Differences

One-Click Flip Book Sharing

fundy designer vs albumworks best album design software shareable flip book link

Actually, both applications feature one-click flip book sharing, but Fundy Designer also includes an online proofing system that allows for client comments and email reminders.

Fundy Designer Exclusives

fundy designer vs albumworks best album design software all art sales

Whereas AlbumWorks only offers album design, Fundy Designer includes the following design tools:

  • In-Person Sales Presentations
  • Wall Art Design
  • Image Imports for Mock-Ups of Client’s Rooms
  • Cards (Holiday, save-the-date, etc.)
  • Slideshows
  • Auto-Image Retouching & Exposure Correction

Which Is the Best Design Software for You?

Given Fundy Designer’s additional features, it may seem like a shoo-in for the best design software for your business, but there’s an important aspect to consider for choosing AlbumWorks.

Fundy Designer is a desktop program, which means you’ll need to store your files and images on your computer. AlbumWorks, on the other hand, is web-based, meaning you can log in wherever you find yourself and start designing albums.

If you just want to stick with albums and have access to easy-to-use design software than you can take anywhere for less than $10/mo, then AlbumWorks is probably the best fit for your business. If you want access to the full print sales solution, used by many of the world’s top wedding and portrait photographers, then Fundy Designer has your name written all over it.

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