We’ve all cringed at the sound of another photographer saying a cliche phrase in order to get their subject to emote or comments we hear while shooting. Maybe it’s the age old “say cheese!” that peeves you or the ever so annoying “I can do that with my iPhone” that gets you riled up.

We’ve all been there and heard that, but let’s take a look at some of the most obnoxious phrases that need to go according to our SLR Lounge Facebook Community Members:

1. “I’ll Fix it in post” – Gideon Dariyal Heller

We are all guilty of saying this at one point in our careers, but it’s the ones that always rely on this method that are truly the worst. All of us want to shake these photographers by the shoulders and just say “Get it right in-camera!”!

2. “light is light” – Pye Jirsa

Golden hour is clearly a better light than noon-day sun; well-made flashes that hold color and power consistency are better than cheap ones; bad constant lights with a low CRI (Color Rendition Index) that render crappy colors are inferior to high-quality constant lights. So no, not all light is equal, light isn’t just light.

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3. “Oh, you have a day job?” – Gary Barragan

There is a large majority of photographers out there that use the art as a side hustle while maintaining a career elsewhere. This phrase is just so derogatory in its implications and has alternative ways of being asked that don’t make it sound like being a photographer isn’t enough. So yes, for those friends that we haven’t seen in awhile that are wondering if we are still photographers, catch me on Instagram, how ‘bow dat!

4. “you must have a really good camera” – Janis Loran

What makes a picture great? Is it the equipment or the photographer behind it? Great pictures can be taken with minimalistic gear but it truly takes a good eye and ability to execute to make a vision come to life.

5. “Momtographer” – Stephanie Lane

Whatever happened to equality? How come the phrase ‘Dadtographer’ never became popular? Let’s put this to rest please because unlike photography categories (landscape, fashion, wedding, etc.) ‘moms’ shouldn’t be sectioned off due to their interests.

6. “I’m a natural light photographer” – Brian Carter

Pretty much all of us love shooting natural light, it’s how the naked eye sees scenes, so who is going to out right admit – ‘I am a flash-only photographer?’ This phrase should really be changed to “I’m an available light photographer” because really, that’s what you are.

7. “chasing the light” – Matthew Saville Baldon

Landscape photographers have heard this all too often and are, quite frankly, embarrassed by the phrase. It seems to be breeding this “do anything for the shot” mentality that is increasingly putting photographers, models/clients, and wildlife/nature at risk of damage, destruction or death.

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8. “togs” – Damon James

While some may refer to their medical professionals as ‘Docs’, it really doesn’t make much sense to shorten photographers to ‘Togs’. Yes, this also includes Photogs, ‘Tographers, and whatever other ridiculous nicknames people have come up with.

9. “Canon or nikon?” – James Wasswa

Sony, Fuji, & Leica users, I apologize on behalf of the photography-uneducated population that doesn’t appreciate you, or any other camera brand out there. Since mainstream media pushes the advertisement and marketing of Canon & Nikon most, all of you are left in the dust and therefore aren’t on the radar for the general population.

10. “just one more” – Neil van Niekerk

Fitting that this is the last of the bunch, but once again, we are all guilty of this: keeping our clients in a fixed position or location for the sake of getting one more shot. Most of the time,it’s more so for the security of knowing you have the shot you want duplicated or triplicated for that matter, but why waste your shutter count?

What are some of your least liked phrases that you have heard as a photographer? Comment down below, we want to hear!

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