Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Whether or not you think it’s a “made-up holiday,” most ladies love to receive tokens of affection anytime so now is as good a time as any to surprise your Photography Love with a new piece of gear or gadget.

Here’s our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Lady Photographers 2016 edition (for more ideas, check out last year’s gift guide by clicking here).


1. More Memory

Who doesn’t need more memory cards? This girl is always in need of more memory. My favorite brand is SanDisk, but I have also used Transcend and Lexar brands and never had any problems with them. Not sure which kind or size of memory card to get? Read Memory Cards and Readers: Everything You Need to Know and maybe take a discreet peek into your lady’s camera to see what she currently uses.

2. A Compact Camera


I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect compact camera for awhile now. I’d like to have one I can carry around in my purse at all times so I can take quality photos of my world (a.k.a. kids) while we’re out and about without lugging my massive Canon 5D Mark III and heavy 24-70mm lens around. After testing the Sony A6000 last summer, I’ve been lusting after it ever since. It’s the perfect size, easy-to-use right out of the box, has a manual shooting mode and excellent image quality, even in low light. Read my full review of it here: Sony a6000—10 Things You’ll Love About This Mirrorless Camera

3. A Multi-Tool


Pocket knives aren’t just for guys. The Victorinox SwissCard is a credit card sized multi-tool that fits discreetly in a wallet or pocket. I’ve needed scissors, pliers, and a nail file while shooting and having something like this on-hand is always a good idea. Actually, I’m more inclined to go with a heftier multi-tool in my camera bag, but I thought this one would be handy to carry in my purse.

4. Filter & Accessory Case


I’ve got a confession to make. Women’s pants often don’t include pockets, which is quite inconvenient for a photographer. I’ve been known to stash my lens cap in my bra for lack of a better place, which is 1) uncomfortable, 2) sweaty and 3) looks bad. Enter the UNDFIND FishBomb Lens Filter and Accessory Case. It attaches to a belt, camera bag or anything with a strap and will hold a filter, lens cap, or any other small accessory. They have some super cute options, too!

5. Photography Education

The best gift, in my opinion, is education. Learning a new skill will last a lifetime and is far more valuable than more stuff. SLR Lounge offers the best photography education available (in my opinion, and I’ve watched dozens of video workshops and tutorials over the years). My favorite for beginners is Photography 101. Try lLighting 101 and 102 if your lady tog is wanting to step up her game with artificial lighting.

6. Camera Insert Pouch


Assuming I ever do get a compact camera for myself (or as a gift, hint, hint), I’d love something like the Baily Camera Insert Pouch from Aide De Camp to store it in. This nifty pouch safely cradles your camera and accessories and can be transferred back and forth from whatever bag one happens to be using. Any purse, backpack, suitcase or diaper bag can suddenly be transformed into a camera bag. I love this idea. It’s so perfect for the type of woman who has a dedicated bag for different aspects of her life. This pouch is ideal for smaller mirrorless or compact DSLR systems. The padding box has adjustable dividers and is fully removable if you’d like to use it as a regular pouch.

7. Smart Phone Camera Accessory


If you can’t afford the mirrorless camera right now, maybe an accessory for her phone camera will have to do? A Bluetooth remote is a classy alternative to the selfie stick (seriously guys, I can’t bring myself to use one of those tacky things in public). The HISY Bluetooth Remote Camera Shutter with Stand has an option for iOS or Android and works up to 90 feet away without a dedicated app. It also comes with a little camera stand. Other brands like the MaxStone Wireless Camera Remote, will work with a phone and/or camera and include timelapse, bulb, & video functions as well.

Well, there you have it. Ladies, what’s on your wishlist? Leave it in the comments. Not sure what to get for your man? Stay tuned for my Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the guys.