Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Whether or not you think it’s a “made-up holiday,” any excuse to give (or receive) a gift is a good one in our book, especially when those gifts revolve around photography. To help put the art in heart this Valentine’s Day, we’ve put together a Valentine’s Day gift guide for photographers.

This article was originally written in 2014 and updated in 2022 by the editorial staff. Welcome to the 2022 Edition.

1. Memory Cards

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Who doesn’t need more memory cards? Photographers are always in need of more memory. One of our favorite brands is SanDisk, but we have also used Transcend and Lexar Professional cards and never had any problems. Not sure which kind or size of memory card to get? Read Best Memory Cards for Photographers and maybe take a discreet peek into your partner’s camera to see what she/he currently uses.

2. More Memory: Dependable Backup Options for On-Location Shoots

GNARBOX 2 7 0 Update Hands on Review Product shot 01

I don’t know about your Valentine, but we feel we can never be too careful when backing up our work during or immediately after a shoot. Memory cards create the first level of redundancy for a shoot, but don’t stop there. If your partner works on-location, then you should know that portability and dependability are a must. We like these the GNARBOX 2.6.0 portable hard drives for storage and back up. They may fall on the pricier side, but their compact size will wrap up so nicely for a gift, don’t you think? You can find our GNARBOX review here for more insight.

3. A Compact Camera

Fujifilm X100V Review Real World hands on design style size

While your partner likely totes a smartphone (and its capable camera) around everywhere he/she goes, they might still appreciate a compact camera like the Fujifilm X-100V for added quality and control. Most mirrorless cameras are super portable and easy-to-use right out of the box, with multiple shooting modes and excellent image quality, even in low light. See our Fujifilm X100V real-world review here for more details.

4. A Multi-Tool

Pocket knives aren’t just for guys. The Victorinox Swiss Army SwissCard Translucent Multitool is a credit card sized multi-tool that fits discreetly in a wallet or pocket. We’ve needed scissors, pliers, and a nail file (really) while shooting, and having something like this on-hand is always a good idea. You might consider going with a heftier multi-tool to take along in a camera bag, but this one is handy for carrying in a purse or even your pocket.

5. Photography Education

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The best gift, in our opinion, is education. Learning a new skill will last a lifetime and is far more valuable than more “stuff.” SLR Lounge offers the best photography education available for all kinds of photographers, from beginners to those looking to build a professional photography business. Check out a Premium membership for streaming access to the entire SLR Lounge library.

6. Camera Insert Pouch


Assuming you pick up a compact (or other) camera, or your partner already has one, consider giving it a nice place to stay with a nifty camera insert pouch. Specialized pouches will safely cradle your camera and accessories and can be transferred back and forth from whatever bag one happens to be using. Any purse, backpack, suitcase or diaper bag can suddenly be transformed into a camera bag. Pouches range in size and can accommodate a variety of cameras and lenses, from smaller mirrorless setups to larger DSLR systems.

7. Smart Phone Camera Accessories

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If you can’t afford a new camera right now, make the most of the camera your partner already has. Pick up some amazing smartphone accessories like the Saramonic SmartMic MTV Smartphone Video and Vlogging Kit for iPhone & Android, which includes an adjustable height table-top tripod with phone mount and lockable ball-head to allow your Valentine to get a stable shot from any angle. It also works well as a stabilizing selfie-stick for filming on the go. For another option, check out the IK Multimedia iKlip Grip Pro, a multifunction smartphone camera stand and remote bluetooth shutter.

8. Instant Film Camera

valentines day gifts for photographers instax mini instant camera 01Though it’s totally old school, an instant film camera is something any photography enthusiast would love. Something like the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Film Camera would be perfect to use at a party or on a night out. Your partner will be able snap away and give instant prints to all of their friends. Plus, it’s just really cool.

9. Photo Album for Instax Mini Prints

If you’re going to gift an Instax Mini, your giftee is going to need some place to put all those tiny little instant prints. Try an album made specifically for this purpose (it also holds business cards) like the Diamond Photo Album for Fujiflim Instax Mini Films. It’s super cute!

10. Camera Bag

F Stop Anja 37L DuraDiamond VS F Stop Tilopa 50L DuraDiamond

If your partner frequently travels or shoots on location, these Anja 37L and Tilopa 50L DuraDiamond™ bags from f-stop have a place for everything (including a laptop), they’re water resistant to protect gear in inclement weather, and so much more. See  our full review on both bags here.

If the photographer in your life doesn’t already have a stylish yet functional camera bag (or 5…), now’s the time to buy one! Check out the WANDRD PRVKE, a stylish, pragmatic, do-everything pack. It will seamlessly accompany you on a photo shoot, on multi-day travel, as well as for everyday carry. Read our review here to learn more about this WANDRD wonder.

11. A New Camera Strap

valentines day gifts for photographers peak design slide strap 01

We’ve been using the Peak Design Slide Strap for years now, and it’s a favorite. The one pictured here includes some nice leather details. We love this strap because it’s durable, versatile, comfortable and easy to remove from the camera when you want to take it off. For more information about camera straps, including this one, check out one of our older, yet still relevant articles, Which Camera Strap is Right for You?

While we’re not sure how practical these gorgeous scarf camera straps from The Bloom Theory are (I haven’t seen one in person), they do look cozy. Anything that can double as an accessory when not in use for shooting is a win, really.

12. Clever Photography Tee

For a fun way to keep it affordable, consider gifting your Valentine a funky t-shirt with camera-related art printed right on the front. Photogenic Supply Co. is home to such treasures, and they also offer a number of other unique gift ideas for photographers.

13. The World’s Most Versatile Camera

Everyone on the go would love a GoPro. Capturing all the action of your extreme sports or pyrotechnic experiments will be easier than ever with this tiny, rugged camera.

14. Flexibility and Hold

No, we’re not talking about hair care products. We’re referring to the ever so handy flexible tripod. The Joby GorillaPod is a good one. This little thing is light, small and will allow your Valentine to stabilize his/her camera in unconventional or tight spaces. Just make sure you get one that will support the weight of whatever camera is used.

Well, there you have it. What’s on your wishlist? Share in the comments.