Social media is constantly changing – therein lies the beauty and the frustration of it. What’s posted today is gone tomorrow (or many times even sooner than that).

A few months ago, I posted an infographic on the image size requirements for multiple social media sites. With profile pictures and cover photos for so many platforms, it’s difficult to keep them all straight and updated. As photographers, though, it’s important that our online presence shows our best work. It gives a terrible impression for potential clients if our images are pixelated or blurry (prime example – Google Tim Cook Blurry Super Bowl Photo and feel the wrath of the Internet).

Well, that last infographic was soooo last year – a whole two months old, which equates to YEARS in internet time – and since then, some of the image requirements have already been updated.

The digital marketing team at Mainstreethost has posted a new infographic with image dimensions for the following networks in a detailed infographic. You can see the infographic below or click on the following links to be taken to the Mainstreethost site for your specific platform. The infographic itself just shows the various dimensions, but the site gives simple tips on how to better leverage each platform for marketing your business.

This actually is an updated version of an infographic they posted two years ago, which, of course, is pretty much irrelevant today. To combat the fast-moving force of the internet, the folks at Mainstreethost also will be doing all the legwork for us by constantly updating a Google doc with the ever-changing dimensions. Click here to access that doc so your social image sizes will always be optimal!

Note: Some of these sizes already need updating or are incorrect – Instagram should be 1080px.