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Broncolor Introduces The Litepipe P | An Ultra-Portable & Versatile Light Shaper

Probably not what you were expecting, in a good way.

New Profoto Air Remote TTL-F Will Offer Full TTL & HSS Support For Fuji Cameras

Fuji is coming up in the world. For ages, it was all CaNikon with a lot of photography equipment manufacturers, but...

How I Shot It | Balancing Natural and Artificial Light For 3 Different Looks

Using 1 light and an imperfect location to make a great set of shots

New Phottix Premio Umbrella Series | Adaptable & Affordable

Phottix makes some of the most beloved lighting modifiers in the the market. While they’re no Breise nor Broncolor...

3-Light OCF Setup With Magmod Modifiers

Always start with one light and then see how your scene can benefit with additional light sources. In Lighting 101 we...

Shed New Light on the Same Old Places

It’s exciting when you discover the perfect scene to craft an inspiring image. Then, after shooting a location...

Make Mixed Lighting Look Natural & Bright in Lightroom

In an ideal world, photographers would be able to direct every aspect of a session and modify lighting to create...

5 Simple Steps To Create A Unique Reflection Shot | How We Shot It

Visualize your art before you create it.

New PocketWizard Release | FlexTT6 For Canon Cameras

Radio trigger manufacturer PocketWizard has been taking a slow and easy approach with new releases, with the...

How To Transform Your Light With A Simple Speedlight Modifier | Minute Photography

We'll show you how to achieve twilight at any time of day with this simple lighting modifier.