Gear & Apps Capture One 11.1 Review | Putting The New Features To Use
By Tina Eisen on April 19, 2018
Capture One becomes a different beast

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News & Insight Profoto Offering Free OCF Beauty Dish & Speedring With Purchase Of B2 or B1X
By Kishore Sawh on March 13, 2018
As if you needed another reason to get a Profoto light
News & Insight Flashpoint XPLOR 600 PRO TTL | The Successor To The XPLOR 600 Looks To Play Above Its Pay Grade
By Kishore Sawh on January 4, 2018
This could be a big deal and open up the brand.
News & Insight Broncolor Introduces The Litepipe P | An Ultra-Portable & Versatile Light Shaper
By Brittany Smith on September 13, 2017
Probably not what you were expecting, in a good way.
Gear & Apps New Profoto Air Remote TTL-F Will Offer Full TTL & HSS Support For Fuji Cameras
By Holly Roa on September 8, 2017
Fuji is coming up in the world. For ages, it was all CaNikon with a lot of photography...
Tips & Tricks How I Shot It | Balancing Natural and Artificial Light For 3 Different Looks
By Brittany Smith on August 14, 2017
Using 1 light and an imperfect location to make a great set of shots
Gear & Apps New Phottix Premio Umbrella Series | Adaptable & Affordable
By Kishore Sawh on July 28, 2017
Phottix makes some of the most beloved lighting modifiers in the the market. While...
Tips & Tricks 3-Light OCF Setup With Magmod Modifiers
By Pye Jirsa on July 24, 2017
Always start with one light and then see how your scene can benefit with additional...
Tips & Tricks Shed New Light on the Same Old Places
By Pye Jirsa on June 6, 2017
It’s exciting when you discover the perfect scene to craft an inspiring image....
Tips & Tricks Make Mixed Lighting Look Natural & Bright in Lightroom
By Pye Jirsa on June 6, 2017
In an ideal world, photographers would be able to direct every aspect of a session and...
Tips & Tricks 5 Simple Steps To Create A Unique Reflection Shot | How We Shot It
By Shivani Reddy on June 1, 2017
Visualize your art before you create it.