You love the look of natural light, but it limits you to shooting at certain times of day and relying on mother nature. Let’s take away that limitation, because contrary to common misconception, flash CAN look like natural light. In one of the most advanced start-to-finish tutorials from our premium workshop Lighting 4 | Creating Every Natural Light Effect Using Flash, we show you how to enhance existing light to simulate sunlight with off-camera flashes. Gain access to this free tutorial here!

What You’ll Learn in This Free Tutorial

We’ve all had that “oh-no” moment as we watch the sunset over the horizon knowing that the beautiful golden light we seek to photograph is no longer available. With a couple of gear recommendations and a little technical knowledge, we’ve created a way to bring that light with you everywhere you shoot, no matter the conditions or circumstances. Here are a couple of reasons why you might want to replicate golden hour with flash:

  • Re-create Lost Daylight: This technique can be used in scenes where the sun has already set and you are in need of a similar light source to light up the scene.
  • Create Sun Flare: Get natural-looking light leaks by using this simple off-camera flash trick to get flares directly flowing into the lens without the sun.

In this tutorial, you will see how Pye created these final images using off-camera lighting to emulate sunlight. This is one out of 19 lighting lessons we teach in our newest advanced lighting course on how to create natural light effects using off-camera flash.


Gain access to this free tutorial in order to watch the full start-to-finish video from planning to pos-production.

Learn More Lighting Lessons in Lighting 4!

flash photography tutorial workshop 1200x675The NEW course is fast-paced and builds on the knowledge gained from Lighting 101 through Lighting 3. We’re going to work through nearly 20 scenes from start to finish, showing you how to set up and light each scene. We also provide you with over 50 exercise files so that you can work alongside us in post to achieve the final look.

You’ll walk away from this course with:

  • 19 Lighting Patterns and Recipes: for re-creating authentic and refined natural light using flash.
  • The Perfect Lighting Kit for Your Budget: featuring a variety of affordable & highly portable gear,
  • Power Translations: no matter what gear you use, you’ll know our exact camera and flash power settings throughout each scene.
  • The Ability To See & Create Incredible Images: with our C.A.M.P framework, you’ll never struggle to find unique ways to capture subjects in any scene, anywhere.