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Freelancing is a life of freedom, of sampling from many plates, and of feast or famine. There are no sure bets in freelancing. Like anything, it...
Tips & Tricks
Some things you can only learn from experience.
Tips & Tricks
Interested in being a working photographer? This can help you see the path.
News & Insight
My name is Sam Vox. I am a freelance photographer from Tanzania. I became a full-time photographer because of my Instagram account. In this post,...
News & Insight
Reuters now bans RAW images and JPEGs derived from RAW files, but there are more ways to 'lie' in an image than through processing.
Gear & Apps
You're a creative in the 21st Century, and are therefore unbound to your desk, and can make an office in any city. Work Hard Anywhere App is a free...
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