There’s a good chance that if you’re frequenting SLR Lounge that you are an aspiring, part time, or working photographer. Those belonging to the former, the ones aspiring or shooting as a side gig, can often be more romantic about photography as a vocation. The can afford to, of course, when little to nothing is on the line; when any income from their work is more a bonus or happy happenstance than it is a requirement.

Many choose to stay in that realm and that is entirely fine, and they can sit back and dream about ‘what if?’ with no real intention of realizing it.

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But for the others who want to make it more, who want to make their living from the craft and come to that conclusion quickly, there’s often a heaping of misconception borne out of lack of exposure, and most of it surrounds what it actually requires in this day and age to get going, and to sustain. Having a syllabus for this can be immensely helpful, which is why good mentors are so valuable, and it’s what our SLR Lounge Premium is really geared to provide. But for a quick hit check out the infographic from Creative Asset below for a decent overview.

It warrants issuing a warning here, however. For one, the infographic is going to be most helpful to those who are less experienced, but more importantly, it runs the risk of over-complicating things and acting as a barrier to action. This is not the intent, and to be sure, there are many successful photographers I know who started with naught but a camera and one lens, then adjusted from there.

It’s imperative to understand that there are more than one ways to skin a cat, so-to-speak, and this isn’t a one size fits all, but it does touch on some key concepts and gives a decent overview of things you will likely have to consider if you decide to make photography more than just a time pass when you’ve got it to spare. Like what? Like how much time you actually spend shooting versus administrative tasks for one…

A special thank you to Robert at Creative Asset for making and sharing, and listing SLR Lounge as a recommended resource to learn from.


Infographic courtesy of Creative Asset.