It’s a wonder I’m getting any work done this week. It’s Photo Week 2015 on CreativeLive, and I’ve been tuning in daily to watch some of my favorite photographers impart some of their best tips, tricks and techniques, and all for free. Hopefully, you were able to check out Pye’s course on Working With Flash. If not, I’ll be posting a few snippets here and there in the coming days, but for the complete class, click here.

One of my favorite courses (besides Pye’s class, duh) was from one of my favorite photographers, Sue Bryce. I try to hang onto every word she says like a groupie at a Backstreet Boys concert because she has so many nuggets of wisdom (and her accent is adorable). Sue taught about ‘Harnessing the Power of Natural Light‘ and the video below is a little snippet from the course. In the 5 minute video, Sue shares how she gets beautiful light without having to spend much money. If you don’t have $400 to drop on a Lasolite diffuser as she shows in the clip, you can spend roughly $50 on the following hacks and get the same effects.



Sue shows how, at the beginning of her career, she uses a long piece of fabric as a scrim and also some large V-Flats (that also can double as a backdrop). So Sue says for less than $50 plus a good camera in daylight is all she needs to make $3000. You can get the whole entire here.

It goes to show you needn’t spend a ton of money to create beautiful images. If you find yourself on a budget, make sure you check out some of our DIY articles, as well as this popular article: 16 PRO PHOTOGRAPHERS SHARE 16 TRICKS AND HACKS WITH CHEAP ACCESSORIES to help you save some dough. We demonstrate this also in our Photography 101 course, where Pye teaches you how to create great images with basic gear.