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DIY $10 Smartphone Macro Photo Stand

By Jules Ebe on October 20th 2013


Have about $10 and 20 minutes? You could be photographing cells with your smartphone the same day, as well as be the hero of young children and your geeky friends alike!

Turn Your Smartphone Into a Digital Microscope for Macro Photography


Materials required:
3x 4 ½” x 5/16” carriage bolts
9x 5/16” nuts
3x 5/16” wing nuts
5x 5/16” washers
¾” x 7” x 7” plywood — for the base
⅛” x 7” x 7” plexiglass — for the camera level (stand)
⅛” x 3” x 7” plexiglass — for the specimen level

laser pointer focus lens
LED click light (for backlit specimens)

Assorted bits

Sample Images




[rewind: DIY Fiber Optics Effect for Flash]  

I can totally see this going larger scale for your DSLR and getting really creative macro photography.

What ideas does a build like this inspire?

Until Next Time . . .

Stay Inspired ~ Jules

[via Instructables user Yoshinok]

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  1. Basit Zargar

    Nice article.

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  2. Terrance

    Great technique. I love the idea of a microscope magnification for a smart phone.

    | |
  3. Lisa del Muro

    Really cool. I am glad I was brave and supported enough to be the only girl in shop class at my junior high school so I can make these. I would love to use them in outreach programs. Since almost all high schoolers and some middle schoolers have cell phones this would be easy to add a microscope into a the curriculum. And then bringing that microscope outside of the classroom for explorations and doing science. I imagine looking at macro invertebrates with it.

    | |
  4. Hanssie

    That’s super cool and very geeky. This would be a fun activity in a high school classroom!

    | |
  5. Gail Newell

    I am a medical scientist and we have also mastered taking photos down our microscopes with IPhone . Once you master the focusing technique the results amazing!!!

    | |