Have you ever wanted to cycle through your lightroom presets (possibly the SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets?)? I know I sure have, but for some reason that functionality is not possible in lightroom out of the box. Luckily I just discovered a neat macro program that you can download to fix that problem, its called Lightroom Preset Jumper.

The program or script – whatever you want to call it – was created by Timar Ivo Batis because he too wanted to be able to cycle through the presets. As soon as I saw this neat little app I had to download it and give it a try. Sure enough – after some finagleing – I was able to cycle through my presets using my up/down arrow keys. I have included a video below showing me scrolling through my presets (Yes, I actually use the SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets) you can check it out below.

The only problem with the script is that since it was created by some random guy pretty much all of your antivirus and malware alerts are going to go off. I scanned it, and have used this script with no ill effects. So as far as I am concerned it is safe to use – just be warned that since this is from an individual there is slightly more risk than if it were a full-fledged plugin or app. My anti-virus actually blocked the script at first and so it didn’t work. Once I allowed the script to run it did in fact work and worked like a charm. I liked being able to scroll through the presets, it was way more convenient than having to click each time myself.

Checkout the announcement video/demo below. If you like what you see and you feel like you would like to use this script you can download the .exe from one of the file share sites that Timar uploaded it to(here or here), or you can download a zip containing the copy (which as far as I can tell is clean & safe) from my public DropBox via this link.

If you do download this and try it out, let us know what you think about it with a comment below.