Welcome to Part VI of the Professional Photoshop Retouching Series on SLR Lounge.

In this Photoshop tutorial we are going to be working on how to soften and smooth skin when needed.

Before we get started let me preface this with a little warning. Skin softening and smoothing is often overused and overdone when used. When overdone, skin softening will make your subjects skin look too soft and smooth like a porcelain doll. It will be very noticeable, and it will be obvious that the image was Photoshopped.

So, when should you smooth over skin? Skin smoothing and softening is necessary when your subjects have very coarse skin or large pours. The majority of subjects in your image will require some blemish and line reduction, but will not need skin softening. You shouldn’t soften skin simply to cover blemishes that are better off being healed out. So, when you do use it, be sure to keep it subtle and light handed.

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Full RAW Exercise File (13MB) – This full RAW file will allow you to follow the tutorial while achieving the exact same results as shown.

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