The Wireless Go II microphone from RØDE was introduced about a month ago, making a significant upgrade over its predecessor which was already an industry favorite. The updated mic boasts a significantly increased range and can record two channels, increasing its usefulness in a wide variety of situations, and that’s before we bring up the price point of only $299 for the kit making it one of the more affordable systems of its class on the market.

Who Is It For? What Is It?

The new Wireless Go II from RØDE is a compact and portable wireless lav microphone system where the transmitter has a mic built into the system itself. Meaning you can clip the transmitter directly on your shirt (see above image), and use it to record directly as is, or connect a standard Lav mic to it instead and then clip the transmitter to your belt or elsewhere like previous/other versions.

IMG 8429

Both the Receiver and Transmitters are incredibly small, (especially when compared to other brands), and are very easy to use. The new system has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be fully charged in about 2 hours (lasting approx 7 hours of use), using a USB-C cable and any power source.

Here’s a video we’ve produced using the Wireless GO II system from Rode;

Technical Specifications

  • Price – $299 – Adorama | B&H | Amazon
  • Wireless Transmission Digital 2.4 GHz
  • Included Transmitters 2 x Bodypack with Microphone
  • Max Operating Range 656.2′ / 200 m
  • Max Systems per Setup 4
  • Latency 3.5 to 4 ms
  • Encryption 128-Bit
  • Receiver
    • Number of Audio Channels 2
    • Gain Range -24 to 0 dB (12 dB Steps)
    • Battery Type 1 x Built-In Rechargeable (Included)
    • Battery Charging Time 2 Hours
    • Approx. Battery Life 7 Hours
    • Dimensions 1.7 x 1.8 x 0.7″ / 4.4 x 4.5 x 1.8 cm
    • Weight 1.1 oz / 32 g
  • Transmitter
    • Muting Off/On Switch
    • Audio Input Level -20 dBV (Max)
    • Gain Range +20 dB
    • Battery Type 1 x Built-In Rechargeable (Included)
    • Battery Charging Time 2 Hours
    • Approx. Battery Life 7 Hours
    • Dimensions 1.7 x 1.8 x 0.7″ / 4.4 x 4.5 x 1.8 cm
    • Weight 1.1 oz / 30 g
  • Microphone
    • Form Factor Integrated
    • Sound Field Mono
    • Operating Principle Pressure Operated
    • Capsule Electret Condenser
    • Polar Pattern Omnidirectional
    • Frequency Range 50 Hz to 20 kHz
    • Equivalent Noise Level 22 dB A-Weighted
    • Maximum SPL 100 dB SPL

What’s Different/Improved from the Wireless Go I?

  • With the use of the iOS/Android App, you can unlock interesting new features like onboard transmitter recording, safety track recording, file playback, exports and more
  • Using the app, the transmitters can give up to 7 hours of on-board audio recording (uncompressed, longer if compressed)
  • The Go I only had a single channel for recording where the Go II has a dual-channel system that can handle two transmitters at the same time for easy 2 person shooting
  • The Wireless Go II adds USB-C connectivity and support in addition to the 3.5 mm TRS output
  • New Series IV technology means the line-of-sight range of the Wireless Go II is extended to a reported 656-feet versus the 230-foot max range of the original.

IMG 8425

What We Liked

  • Easy and ready to use directly out of the box
  • Signal was very stable compared to other recorders, only dropping the signal twice during out heavy testing
    • Once when Pye was on a lower floor than the video team and there was metal and concrete between them
    • The other time it cut out for a split second during normal operation, but because we enabled backup audio recording, we were able to recover the audio.
  • Battery life is great. Using for an entire day of filming SLR Lounge content, the system didn’t die on us.

IMG 8438

What We Didn’t Like

  • We did notice there were occasional signal drops when the person wearing the mic would “sit” on the transmitter. “Audio would cut out when Pye was sitting on the concrete floor and it was in his back pocket. Obviously, it’s not the most ideal spot to carry, but when compared to our older Tascam recorder used the same way, that signal loss/audio drop wouldn’t happen”
  • Battery life is great, however, it is less than some AA powered larger systems and audio recorders. (also the fact you can’t replace the battery with spares during a long day is a negative)

IMG 8432


The Rode Wireless Go II lav mic system is one of the best and most versatile audio recording systems we’ve used at SLR Lounge, and it has quickly become a favorite device for our video team. “It’s a great tool that every run and gun filmmaker can benefit from and rely on,” says Michael Santos.

For most videographers, it’ll be the only system they’d ever need to invest in and save a lot of money in doing so since the bundle comes with the receiver, two transmitters, a case, and all the cables you need for only $299. For a little more you can get a bundle that also includes a set of Omni lav mics to ensure you’re completely covered in a 2 person (or less) recording situation.

IMG 8428

Check Pricing & Availability of the RODE Wireless GO II System Here;

Adorama | B&H | Amazon



  • Incredible Value
  • Range is quite impressive
  • Compact and great audio quality
  • Built In Rechargeable Batteries


  • Signal drops on rare occasions
  • Battery life is great, but less than AA powered recorders
  • Can't swap for fresh batteries on a long day of shooting
Signal Strength
Features & App

Final Verdict

Rode's Wireless Go II is a great audio tool that every run and gun filmmaker can benefit from and rely on. Definitely worth every penny and more!