Lighting company Profoto has released their new range of Profoto Softboxes for B-Series, D-series and Pro-Heads. The new softbox options features an all-in-one mount design for quick and easy setup and comes in three popular shapes: the Profoto Softbox 3’ Octa, the 1×4’ Profoto Softbox Strip, and the 2×3’ Profoto Softbox Rectangular. This highly portable range of softboxes is ideal for photographers on the go or in-studio and gives them plenty of options for achieving precise light modifications based on their needs.

Alongside the softboxes, Profoto has also launched new interchangeable Softgrids, Edge Masks, a Strip Mask, and Diffuser Kits to complement each of the new softboxes and provide further means for controlling and shaping light as needed.

VIDEO: Get to Know the New Profoto Softboxes

New Profoto Softboxes

The new Profoto Softboxes feature an all-in-one mount design and a very user-friendly (and cool) quick fold/unfold solution, so you can literally set up and mount the softboxes in just a few seconds. All of the softboxes are compatible with any Profoto flash: B-series, D-series, and Pro-flashes.

All of the softboxes are compatible with any Profoto flash Again, these softboxes work with B-, D- and Pro-flashes. You can also use them with Profoto’s A-series flashes so long as you also use a Clic OCF Adapter II. For the A10, A1X and A1 flash units, you can use the OCF Adapter.

Please note, do not use any of the Profoto Softboxes with HMI or Tungsten lights.

Profoto Softbox 3’ Octa

Profoto softboxes featuring the octa design

Octa-shaped softboxes have become one of the most popular lighting modifiers for wedding, fashion, and portrait photographers. They produce natural-looking catchlights and are well-known for creating soft, flattering light. This Profoto Softbox 3’ Octa is no exception.

Profoto Softbox Rectangular

profoto softboxes featuring the rectangular design

Featuring another highly popular and versatile design, the 2×3’ Profoto Softbox Rectangular produces soft and flattering light that works perfectly for fashion and portrait photography, whether in-studio or on location.

Profoto Softbox Strip

profoto softboxes featuring the strip design

Like other Profoto Softboxes, the Profoto Softbox Strip produces a flattering soft light. One thing that sets this 1×4’ design apart is that you can use the long side of the soft box to create long shadow edges and the short side to create harder light with short shadow edges. This unique feature makes the Strip a perfect go-to for edge or rim lighting.

Accessories for the New Profoto Softboxes

Profoto has also rolled out a number of new accessories to further shape the light you’re adding to the scene. The accessories include Softgrids for all shapes, a strip mask for the stripbox, edge masks for the octa and rectangular shapes, and diffuser kits that you switch between to achieve different levels of softness.

Profoto Softgrid Octa, Softgrid Strip, and Softgrid Rectangular

From Left to Right: Softgrid Octa, Softgrip Rectangular, Softgrid Strip

The new Softgrids function like you’d expect a grid to function, channeling the light direction to minimize light spill, in this case reducing the light spread to 50°. This added light control will allow you to refine your lighting and light your subjects with more precision. The velcro-lined grids easily attach to the softboxes, making the grids a powerful, no-hassle light-shaping tool.

Profoto Edge and Strip Masks

edge masks
From Left to Right: Edge Mask for Softbox Octa, Edge Mask for Softbox Rectangular, Strip Mask for Softbox Strip

Like the other accessories on this list, the new Edge Masks for the Softbox Octa 3’ and the Softbox Rectangular give you more control over lighting. The Edge Masks, which you can attach to your softboxes via a Velcro attachment, make it possible to create a nice contour light (or edge) around your subject or else create interesting catchlights when used as a key light.

Additionally, to take more control of your light and create an even narrower highlight, use the Stripmask. Stripmasks are perfect for creating a rim light or highlighting specific areas of your subject. You can use this mask option with the Profoto Softbox 1×4’ Strip.

Profoto Diffuser Kits with Different Levels of Diffusion

diffuser kits for profoto softboxes

Profoto has made Diffuser Kits available for each of the new softboxes. You can choose between three different levels of softness, including 0.5 f-stop, 1.0 f-stop or 1.5 f-stop. Each kit includes a front and inner diffuser, and they’re velcro lined for quick and easy swaps. As you’d expect from Profoto, the diffusers work well for evenly distributing the light from the softbox.

Where to Find the New Profoto Softboxes

With this release, Profoto has put more light-shaping power into the hands of those who need it most. While these softboxes and accessories make for perfect on-location tools, they’re equally at home in the studio. Above all, they’re designed to do specific jobs, and they do them well. When you’re ready to give them a try, you can find Profoto’s new softboxes in stores now and online. For more information on any of the new Profoto products above, be sure to visit Profoto’s website.

Featured Photo Credit: Mira & Thilda