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Christopher Kimball

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Christopher is a commercial and stock photographer based in Cocoa Beach, Florida. He specializes in shooting food, commercial real estate, and editorial projects related to food, sports, and products. His work has been featured in magazines, newspapers, and around the internet and his photography experience dates back some 30 years. Connect with Chris on social media or visit his website to see his work.





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Props and tools are an integral part of food photography and there are a few things that can make life easier. Whether you are just getting started...
Real estate photography, a niche that not a lot of photographers choose to work within, can be one of the more complicated types of photography....
As a stock photographer, one of the hardest yet most important things to manage is timing submissions for peak consumer interest. It is critical to...
So, you have decided to photograph food and have taken the time to learn all of the essentials to produce a great image. Your skills are sharp and...
Have you ever dreamed of specializing in some form of photography that was difficult to obtain and thought how great it would be to get there? I...
In one of the previous articles I posted, a reader commented on the clamps I was using on my table, so it got me thinking that I should run down...
If you are like most photographers, you have images that did not make the cut on a project and some that you decided not to use. They may even be...
Are you looking for a way to enhance your workflow and speed up production time when shooting food? One of the best things that I have done in the...
Brownies with oil for moist look
For many years, food was photographed with the end goal being focused only on how it looked in the end. The drive for perfection was so sought...
Setting up your studio to photograph food is a little different than setting up for portraits. One of the big differences is the current trend to...
Food Stock
The world of stock photography has grown tenfold in the last few years, and the large print archives of the past have been replaced by even larger...
In the world of commercial photography, there are many genres or niches that you can specialize in. Food photography is one of those many sub...