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John DeMato


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John DeMato is a branded, lifestyle portrait photographer and content creation expert who collaborates with speakers, authors, coaches, and various other business owners to produce magazine-quality images that present them powerfully and memorably to their audiences.

More than just a photographer, John sets his clients up for success beyond the portrait session by coaching them on how to best leverage their image content for their websites, social channels, blogs, publications and advertisements in addition to coaching them on how to create endless amounts of social posts and blog articles that creates a rapport with their audiences.

John also is co-founder of Screw The Metadata. Alongside portrait and headshot photographer, Maurice Jager, they've created a community for like-minded photographers from all over the world to learn how to build a referable and memorable online presence.


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At the end of the day, when your writing voice parallels your actual voice, you’re declaring to those you serve who you are.
Your mindset is one of your most important assets. Learn to harness that power to create magical work and wonderful experiences for those you serve.
Sharing the unique wrinkles that comprise the experience of working with you will eliminate the need for them to pick up the phone and impulsively...
By providing your audience context, you’re shining a light on the specific reasoning behind why you were hired to create this image in the first...
Is the way you're using social media actually helping or limiting your brand? Photographer John DeMato shares his take on the subject.