In all of the hype surrounding the Nikon “DF” rumors it appears that a fresh rumor on the specs for the Canon 7D Mark II has slipped out. I had a chance to look over the specs and they are impressive to say the least, lets just say if these are real then Nikon is probably sweating bullets because based on these specs the 7D Mark II blows the D7100 out of the water.

The rumor also states that the release date for the EOS 7D Mark II would be sometime during march of 2014. I am not really sure why Canon is waiting so long, but they probably have their reasons.


Canon 7D Mark II Rumored Spec List

  • 20MP or 24MP sensor with Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • 61 point Auto-Focus system similar to, maybe even the same as, the EOS 5D Mark III
  • High frame rate, 10-12 fps
  • “high grade” weather sealing, like Canon’s professional DSLRs
  • Dual Digic V+ processor
  • Single card slot
  • WiFi & GPS
  • “Innovative” video features
  • Price around $2000
  • “Very good” ISO performance

I am really impressed with these stats, assuming they are legit. This camera would likely become a must have body for sports and wildlife shooters thanks to the high frame rate and top of the line weather sealing.

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Besides that all I really have to say is that if you are thinking this looks as good as I think it looks you better get saving. If the $2000 price tag is correct then that gives you 4 months to save up, roughly $500 a month. Guess its time to start hitting the holiday “mini session” gravy train…

What are your thoughts on these specs for the 7D Mark II? Is it a worthy upgrade over the 7D, how would you compare it to the D7100 or the 6D/D610? Share your thoughts in a comment below. 

[via Canon Rumors]