On Think Stupid Simple, we talked with WPPI’s own Arlene Evans. A key figure in major photography platforms, Arlene is the force behind the content development and production for WPPI, Rangefinder Magazine, and previously, Creative Live. With her instinct for discovering talent as well as her deep understanding of the photographic community, she successfully built up CreativeLive’s massive online platform that has reached millions of creative professionals around the world. Currently, she serves as the Conference Producer for WPPI and is fully focused on creating a great community experience at this year’s upcoming event.

In this episode, we talk about Arlene’s experience as a content director for Creative Live, what she looks for when recruiting educators and speakers for events, her focus on fostering a community environment, and at the end, we’ll exchange some of our own tips on how to prepare for this year’s WPPI and how to make your experience that much better. As a bonus, for those planning on attending this year or need that extra little push, you can use the code “THINK” for $30 off the price of registration, available for use until March 15. Visit WPPI’s website for all the information on the event!

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Creating Community


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