Photographer and YouTuber Jessica Kobeissi has found her way to many a photo education-seekers radar over the past couple of years. Photographers being photographers, curiosity about the gear Kobeissi uses has abounded. In a new video, she’s provided the answer, laying out everything she uses, from camera bodies to her backpack she loathes yet uses anyway.

In the video, along with merely breaking down which gear she owns, Kobeissi reveals which bodies, lenses, and flashes she uses in different scenarios and why. For those feeling threatened by any part of a standard photographer’s kit, Kobeissi provides a down-to-earth, intimidation-busting briefing with dabs of comic relief interspersed throughout.

For instance, those photographers who have not folded speedlight work into their comfort zone will find Kobeissi’s admissions of her own confusion with the devices refreshing, as she says of Canon’s 600EX-RT flash, “you’re about to be stressed out using this.”

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There you have it. Wondering why anyone would own three different 50mm lenses? You can find out the reason in Jessica Kobeissi’s video below!