High-fashion hiker trash. It’s a juxtaposition worthy of a second glance. It’s also the concept (somewhat) behind photographer Tommy Corey’s recent project, entitled “Hiker Trash Vogue.” During a months-long hike across the 2,653-mile Pacific Crest Trail, Corey met several hikers and photographed them in a series of fashion-inspired poses and looks. What started out as fair attempt at sarcasm and humor, however, soon turned into a beautiful record of human triumph that also documents the connection between hikers and the environment they inhabit.

Corey shares how the project came to pass in the video below:

Getting To Know The Hikers-Turned-Models

While describing hikers as amazing people who laugh a lot, are tired, and are “hungry all the time,” Corey also notes the deep bonds that hikers develop along the trail. According to Corey, “We also become incredibly close and really well-connected.” One of the greatest feats of this project is how well Corey conveys his connection to the subjects through his imagery.

“Hiker Trash Vogue became this really beautiful way of expressing all of our inner beauty, that inner beauty that we sometimes don’t feel comfortable expressing in the real world.”


Tools Used On The Trail

Due to the demanding nature of the hike, Corey kept it simple when it came to the gear he used to capture these images: “I used a Canon 7D (find the Mark II here) with a Sigma 30mm f/1.4 on the trail. I carried three batteries at a time and would charge them when I would get into towns to ensure they would last along the next stretch!” To edit the photos along the way, Corey connected his DSLR to his iPhone, and he would make his edits during his downtime at night.

The Images

More About Tommy

You can find more of Tommy Corey’s work on his website as well as Instagram. Corey has also published this project, “Hiker Trash Vogue,” in book form, and it’s available through his website for $115.


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