There is a reason why the words ‘chaos’ and ‘destruction’ are so often used together. A messy, haphazard way of life only leads to the inevitable destruction of order and process. Too dramatic? Well, if you don’t want to believe me then just do a quick Google search about the relation between organization and mental health. You’ll find that clutter often leads to anxiety while the act of organization provides a peaceful state of mind. Being a photographer and working with tech requires having a slight bit of OCD and organizational skills. Misplacing one wire will only lead to inefficiencies, or even worse, failures in procedures.

Wandrd Tech Pouch & Toiletry Bag Review

wadnrd tech pouch review
Wandrd Tech Pouch (Large)

The Wandrd Tech Pouch and Toiletry bags offer a necessary organizational tool for photographers and videographers that I haven’t quite seen on the market. While I have used generic Target brand toiletry bags and Amazon tech pouches, I like the idea of having cohesive, designated tools for my gear because of the peace of mind it provides. Every little thing has a specific spot and therefore will never get lost (in theory). While I know the majority of photographers focus on cost-effectiveness, there is the argument that quality is priceless, especially when it comes to protecting expensive gear and equipment. In this review, I’ll be discussing just how much I can fit in these bags, why they satisfy a necessity in my kit, and some of the things I would change to make them even better.

Design: Conducive for Travel?

One of the most appealing aspects of these new releases is the universal value they provide. If you are traveling to a country or flying across the states for a gig, these fit the bill for whatever you are packing. The exterior of both bags is made of weather-resistant material, meant to be attached to the exterior of their backpacks, and any spills that take place in the bag can be wiped out with warm water.  The notable design elements of the toiletry bag include a hanging hook, an anti-microbial toothbrush holder, and A very unique design element is the jewelry loop attachment (likely one of the most ingenious things I have ever seen in a toiletry bag that has me wondering why it took so long to exist).

wandrd toiletry bag
WANDRD Toiletry Bag (Large)

The tech pouch is just as ingenious with a cable passthrough for quick charging for larger items or backups. It is compact and comes with a carrying strap which makes it great for travel or even everyday use, which is actually what I currently am using it for. Some of the smaller details that caught my eye were the bottom handle for easy grab access and the fleece-lined front pocket, because who doesn’t enjoy soft things?

One of the only changes I would make in the design is to offer more colorways. It seems like a very minute detail but it can be seen from the WANDRD craftsmanship that they care immensely about getting all of the finite pockets and characteristics right, so why not offer the same beautiful design in more color options? I think that this is an attribute missing from several photo/tech accessories companies and I wish they would take a page from popular brands like Jansport, Herschel, or Fjällräven backpacks to provide a little more variety.

Purpose: Who is This For?

wandrd bag review

One of the most beautiful parts about both of these bags is that they aren’t necessarily exclusive to photographers and videographers. In this day and age, any person that travels is likely to have some wires/chargers and toiletries (hopefully everyone is following proper hygiene protocol, especially now). I would say that these were designed for photographers/videographers in mind but I actually think they are meant to be used by everyone as a staple in their travel accessories.  I would easily recommend these to anyone looking into a pouch for their travel needs based on the price and size options. While I am sure there are comparable items on the market, the aforementioned quality choices they made in fabric & design warrant a spot at the top of my list of recommendations.

Capacity: How Much Can it Hold?

Out of curiosity, I decided to see just how much I could fit in these bags to test how it would be to travel with them. I have an obscene amount of wires that I take with me when I travel because of all the gadgets I bring so this is an actual test to see if this will replace my current bag. Both bags come in three different size options and with the ability to purchase a carrying strap as an add-on ($15). Both of the bags I am reviewing are large sizes ($59/each) for reference.

wandrd tech pouch review

First up is the tech pouch which carries an insane amount of accessories. It’s got one main front zipper, lined in a soft felt material, to house bigger objects like SSDs or wireless charging banks, and then 5 smaller pockets for cable organization. I think this is a perfect solution for those looking to carry multiple chargers in one small bag for travel. If you’re like me and are looking for something for on-location shooting to hold flash accessories, SD card wallets, and lens caps then look no further. It also has a convenient carrying strap that could work as a compact travel bag to house your essentials (passport, wallet, phone, etc.).  There is even enough space in the main compartment to fit a smaller pouch (for more delicate wires or SSDs).

wandrd toiletry bag review

Next is the toiletry bag which is quite honestly an impressive piece of work. It has 2 small zippered compartments, 2 large zippered compartments, and 5 smaller pouches. Everything pictured above fit into the bag and I still had room for more. If you care as much as I do about your daytime/nighttime skincare routine… this bag has plenty of space for it all. I also researched how to clean the interior of the toiletry bag because of how often all of these bottles spill when you travel and found out they aren’t machine washable but instead stains can be wiped out with warm water.


Everyone needs more organization in their life, and this is just another tool to help you achieve that. I know I’ve become way less anxious over the years knowing all of my cables are packed in one location instead of scattered in my backpack. The WANDRD design team really gets bonus points for thinking about such specific details for the everyday person – whether you are using the Toiletry Bag on your daily gym trips or using the Tech Pouch and traveling halfway across the world to photograph a destination wedding. I feel fully secure in knowing that everything has a perfect place.

To learn more about the different sizes available and pricing, check out the WANDRD Tech Pouch and the Toiletry Bag.



  • Travel Friendly
  • Aesthetic Design
  • Portable & Compact
  • Ample Storage
  • Unique Design Elements


  • Lack of Color Variety
  • Price