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Ordinary Men Pose as Underwear Models

By Hanssie on October 2nd 2013

The media often offers mixed messages as to what the ideal standards for beauty are. For women, the pressure is strong to mimic the Photoshopped glamor of a female model adorning a magazine ad. On one hand, celebrities like Jessica Simpson or Kelly Clarkson are deemed as fat while anorexic waif-like Angelina Jolie or Nicole Ritchie are asked to eat a sandwich or two because they look unhealthily skinny. Ads from companies like Dove try to combat these messages bombarding women with Real Beauty campaigns, yet very little is done to address the fact that men also struggle with insecurity issues regarding their body.

Until now.

UK Tabloid, The Sun has taken four of their readers, “ordinary men,” to take off their pants and recreate some popular underwear ads. Gone are the spray tanned, oiled up, six packed, chiseled perfection of the likes of David Beckham or David Gandy. Replaced with hairy chests, beer bellies and 20+% body fat, these ordinary men are a far cry from the images that bombard us and distort our sense of what beauty and attractiveness really are.

Don’t get me wrong. I certainly enjoyed the ogling  researching involved to write this article, but it got me thinking about society’s perception of sexiness and appeal. Men are conditioned to hide their body issues and most use humor or cocky arrogance to mask their insecurities. What I love about these series of images is that the “ordinary” men are confident and sexy in their own right. I mean, a man that will strip to his skivvies and pose for a picture knowing that it’s going to be compared side by side to the same picture of David Beckham, now, that is truly sexy. And ladies, we all should take a cue from that.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

(via @The Sun/Design Taxi)

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Hanssie is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes portrait and wedding photographer. In her free time, she homeschools, works out, rescues dogs and works in marketing for SLR Lounge. She also blogs about her adventures and about fitness when she’s not sick of writing so much. Check out her work and her blog at Follow her on Instagram

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  1. Ambyr

    I would choose the models. Look at those hot sexy body’s!!!!

    | |
  2. Larisa

    I prefer the models…..beautiful bodies and ripply muscles all the way!

    It takes a lot of work to keep your body like that, so if you’ve got the body (and the talent to pose properly) it’s a crime to hide it from those of us who love to admire beauty.

    | |
  3. Olga

    We are comparing apples and oranges here. Advertising is not always truthful or realistic – it should be, but it’s not. Unfortunately, this approach has warped our view of reality, which creates and feeds body issues in males and females. Media Education and campaigns like those of Dove and the Sun help to correct of idea of real and healthy. Healthy. + Fit = Beauty

    | |
  4. Kimberly

    Sorry, I am shallow perhaps. Or perhaps the “ordinary” need to be greased up and lit properly, but I am going with the models. And no, I am no model, but if you are asking for preferences, i prefer a muscular, well defined, fit man. I assume we are discussing bodies and not faces, as all of their faces are attractive.

    | |
    • Carrie

      I’m with you Kimberly!
      Being fit and healthy is attractive to me, not the opposite.
      I’d go for a happy medium between the two sets of “ordinary” and “model.”

      And I’m no 10 myself, but I try to keep myself pretty healthy and in shape, despite having given birth to two children, now aged 6 and 2.

      | |
  5. Vickie

    I prefer the real men.

    | |
  6. Sejin Park

    As a Christian entering the modeling industry- now with Wilhelmina, I have the support of my community that I should be confident about my physical gifting – I don’t think it’s necessarily something I have to hide to prove my humility, but to journey with God as I continue to model.

    I’ve been working out harder, but also eating more as well- will I become an underwear model one day? I don’t know- but if the opportunity comes, it’ll definitely be something to pray about and take suggestions from my community before I make any decisions.

    | |

    hit the gym and get proper nutrition… These things are ridiculous. hey, at least they didn’t use obese people like they do in the women comparisons. I think that fit people should be considered “ordinary” anyways.

    | |
  8. Celeste

    I LOVE THIS!!!! Men are beautiful!!

    | |
  9. Frank Jansson

    Guys view is that the ordinary guys mimics the pose but not the expression. The images is abit like before and after images where the before is more dull, flat contrasted and somewhat underexposed with no expression and the after is top notch with a bright smile.

    A model pose for a living to sell stuff but it would been nice to se the men try to express something at least, imagine they posed for there girl/guy friend, then again this is not something an ordinary guy can do on que. So not only are this an example of pure genetics and aesthetic it’s an example of personality to. Me, i hate the fake smile plastered on every cover and it pains me to think that someone actually think it’s a good smile to watch, same as with models and poses. The body, mind and soul have to agree for it to be a good picture. I’ll stop here but yeah, go for natural but i feel they could give it more feeling.

    | |
  10. Christina

    I much prefer the ‘ordinary’ guys as well. To me the models are about as interesting as a Ken doll.

    | |
  11. Catie

    Another Woman’s opinion – I am with Lanna. Of most of these I would go with the ‘ordinary men’ any day. My deciding factor on almost all of them? Eyes/face. If I choose the model, its only because of THAT.

    | |
  12. Lanna

    Female opinion here, the “ordinary men” are much sexier for me than the models in these sets ;)

    | |
    • Jenny

      ^ this

      | |
    • Nick

      is it cos you finally accepted you could never get one of us?


      | |
    • Ben

      Liar. god women are so full of shit

      | |
  13. thisguy

    I should become an underwear model

    | |