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Online Collection Of 10,000+ Rare and Stunning Vintage Cameras

By Michelle Bird on October 30th 2014


1905 Ambrosio

Whether you love shooting film or appreciate the aesthetics of vintage cameras, this site will definitely be up your alley. Now, you should be aware that this expansive wonderful resource will end up taking you a few hours to look through. Collection Apparelis is a French online archive with over 10,000 cameras. You can browse through some rare models, and probably check out cameras you haven’t even heard of.

Site curator Sylvain Halgand has compiled a great site that not only features a meticulous archive, but also sample photos of each camera, and a discussion forum for camera lovers. There’s a little bit of everything, some cameras only bear the camera name, others have more interesting detailed information.

Here are a few of my favorites:



1930s Agfa Billy


Agfa Iso-Rapid Ic


1925 Ansco 1A Royal


1956 Luxus-Exportmodell


1950s Artima Photo Miami


1940s Leica IIIC


Early 1900s Leroy Stéréo-Panoramique


1920s Leullier Summum Special

Vintage cameras are unquestionably a piece of artwork, something you can appreciate browsing through Collection Apparelis as the photos Halgand offers are of very good quality. Apart from cameras, you’ll also find 697 lenses, and 3,800 accessories cataloged.

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And don’t worry if you can’t read French, you’ll still be able to enjoy the site as there’s a button on the top left corner that will take you over to the English version.

You can check out Collection Apparelis by clicking here, and follow them on Facebook.


What’s your favorite vintage camera model?

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  1. Hans photoWerks


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  2. Peter Nord

    My dad had one of those old Agfa cameras. Wonder what happened to it.

    | |
  3. Ryan Chabot

    I was given my wife grandmothers No. 1A Autographic Kodak Jr. when she passed away. I absolutely love the look of this camera and proudly display it. Only problem is…once you get one, you want more. lol

    | |
  4. mugur ic

    Nice collection.I have a Smena. An old russian camera

    | |
  5. Mike Kropf

    I have my grandfather’s 1937 Leica III. Still shoot with it too.

    | |
  6. Ian Moss


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  7. Daniel Thullen

    Ditto what Steven said.

    | |
  8. Steven Pellegrino

    Just like old cars, these old cameras have so much character. I love what I can do with my digital cameras, but they don’t have the style these vintage cameras have!

    | |