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Nikon Rebates Expire Soon! Last Chance For Up To $550 Off!

By Matthew Saville on March 28th 2013

Nikon’s current rebates have already been “refreshed” once, so it is likely that with Nikon’s fiscal year ending at the same time, there will be no extension after the rebates expire in two days on March 30th.

Actually there are different sets of rebates, so here’s the breakdown of all the different ways you can save money on Nikon equipment within the next 48 hours:

Up to $350 in savings on Nikon lenses alone at B&H:




Up to $550 in savings on Nikon DSLR bodies bundled with lenses and flashes at B&H:




Also, don’t forget there is a whopping 6% cash back on the Nikon D4, D800/E, and D600 at B&H!
(compared to the more common 2% cash back on other items)


Until next time, take care and happy clicking!
=Matthew Saville=


Yes, these Nikon rebates are also available on and However B&H is the one with the nice all-in-one-place rebate pages, so they get the love!  Plus, we strongly recommend shopping at B&H anyway…  :-)

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