One creative technique nearly everyone in our industry has seen is taking mirrors, vasoline, shrubs, or prisms and holding them in front of our lenses to create interesting, unpredictable, and beautiful blurs & effects for our shots. Recently, the team over at Prism Lens FX created a series of Variable Prism Filters with a different prism effect built into each lens to allow photographers to create this type of image hands-free!

The 3 options to choose from are:

  • Prism: flare and bokeh effects

  • Chromatic Flare: anamorphic and streak flares

  • Split Glass: light leak and fractal effects

The three 77mm filters can be rotated on your lens to adjust the creative look and effect to suit your shot. It also looks like these lenses may be stackable letting you combine effects to create an additionally surreal image. They recommend you use them on longer lenses (50mm and longer) with an aperture of f/2.8 or shallower to achieve the greatest results. If you’re shooting on a wider lens than this, you’ll likely end up seeing some artifacts and “chunks” on the sides of your lens.

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The best part about these filters is that they attach to your lens directly, giving you the freedom to maneuver hands-free and hold your camera properly for much more control over your shot.



The filters cost about $75 each, or you can save $30 by purchasing the full set for $195 (Via Prism Lens FX ).

What do you all think about these filters? Will you be trying them to add some creative flair to your photo and video work? Let us know in the comments below.

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