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March 6th 2012 5:54 PM

03.11.2015 – V3 ANNOUNCED!!!

Click here to see our newest theme. In V3 we’ve included the following:

  • Responsive Design
  • Live/Visual Customization
  • Choose from 7 different Blog Layouts, 2 Different Portfolio Layouts and Many More Options
  • Control All Background Colors, Fonts and Other Embellishments
  • Optional Slideshow Mastheads
  • SEO Optimized with SEO tutorials (coming soon)
  • Various Footer Widgets for Featured Posts and More
  • Social Media Sharing Options for Increased Exposure
  • Area for Custom Javascript and CSS

Check it out here.

Important Update (6.28.2012)

We’ve included a few important updates for all of your SLR Lounge V2 users to iron out a few bugs. If you downloaded the theme prior to 6/28/2012, we recommend updating the theme to the current version. For instructions on how to update your SLR Lounge V2 WordPress Theme, please click on our forums.

Here are a list of fixes/updates:

1) Expanded the type styling (Font) options – We’ve added a few more options for font sizes and font colors for the text used on the site. Among other things, we added the ability to change the font color in the drop down menu and added the ability to change the color of the commenter link within the comment system.
2) Added the ability to control the profile border color – We’ve added the ability to select the exact color of the border surrounding the profile picture.
3) Added the ability to hide or show the tags at the bottom of each post – The tags and categories shown at the bottom of each post can now be hidden.

Basic Info of the SLR Lounge V2 WordPress Theme for Photographers

Cost: Free!!! For a Whitelabel Version (without credit to the creators, please click here)

Download: Click here to Download for Free!

(If you’re already signed up for our newsletter and would like to download, please email [email protected] for the direct link. Include “WordPress Theme” as the subject and the email address that is subscribed to the newsletter in the body)

Example: LJP Associates, Los Angeles Event Photographers

  1. Slideshow Banner compatible with iPhone and iPads
  2. Control over which pages Slideshow Banner is displayed on
  3. Full control over placement of logo
  4. Full control over background images and color
  5. Full control over FAVICON
  6. Full and independent control of all fonts on the page
  7. Featured profile section that you may choose to display or not
  8. Robust Commenting System featuring an AJAX popup
  9. Control of Alt Text of all images Uploaded for SEO
  10. Full Instructions and guidance on setup and customization
Installation Instructions

1) Sign Up for Hosting – This theme requires a self-hosted wordpress account. Click here to sign up for affordable hosting.

2) Install WordPress – For video instructions on Installing WordPress, see this post on HOW TO INSTALL WORDPRESS.

3) Download the Theme – Download by Signing Up HERE

4) Install Theme

The easiest way to install the theme is by Adding New Themes using the Administration Panel.You can download Themes directly to your blog by using the Add New Themes option in the Appearance sub-menu.

  • Log in to the WordPress Administration Panel.
  • Select the Appearance panel, then Themes.
  • Select Install Themes
  • Use the sub-menu or the Search or Filter options to locate a Theme you would like to use.
  • Click on the Preview link to preview the Theme or the Install link to upload the Theme to your blog.
  • Use the Upload link in the top sub-menu to upload a zipped copy of a Theme that you have previously downloaded to your machine.

You may find more information on installing themes on – USING THEMES
We also did a quick video tutorial on installing themes for our previous themes. Though the themes are different, the installation should be similar. You can view these video tutorials here.

5) Customize Theme

Under “Appearance” click on “SLR Lounge Options” and begin customizing! We’ve included instructions on each tab, so it should be pretty simple. If you have any questions, please refer to the “Common Questions” below.

Common Questions
  • Can I change the height of the slideshow?No, that is not a feature of this theme, although it is achievable through custom coding
  • Why is my menu not displaying correctly?  What do I do? This theme uses “Custom Menus.” You can find instructions and info here.
  • Can I add archives to my menu?  This theme does not support archives in the menu.
  • How do I add Facebook Comments? We will add tutorials on this later, but if you’d like to give it a shot, we recommend this free plugin.
  • Are there other resources to help me? We encourage comments below. In addition, we released a beta version and has a discussion here.
  • How much does it cost to remove the credits? For a Whitelabel Version (without credit to the creators, please click here)

Feel free to ask more questions in the comments below. Thanks!

Potential Look



Co-Founder of SLR Lounge and Photographer with Lin and Jirsa Photography, I’m based in Southern California but you can find me traveling the world. Click here to connect on Google +

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  1. 1
    Catherine Lacey Dodd

    Thanks guys. Looking at making the transition from blogger that I’ve used for 6 years. Is this a full alternative to say, ProPhoto? 

    • 1

      Hi Catherine … it just depends on what you need and want… I’m obviously biased, but I do think that you can achieve almost any look and feel with either one.  They will undoubtedly have more functions and features but I think it’s worth giving ours a try as well.

  2. 1
    Jessica Singleton

    Where are the social media buttons – how are they enabled, how are they installed?

    • 1

      There are likely a variety of wordpress plugins that will meet your social media button needs … feel free to share your findings here .. thanks!

  3. 1
    Jessica Singleton

    Where are the social media buttons – how are they enabled, how are they installed?

  4. 1
    Nicole H.

    I can’t seem to change the photos in the slide show….

    • 1

      i would recommend trying in a different browser …. there is a chance it’s just a matter of clearing your cache

  5. 1

    Thank you guys, you rock! I’ll try it out.

  6. 1

    When I try to download the theme, I put in my email address, but because I’m already subscribed I can’t download? Please help! Thank you. :)

    • 1
      Michelle Bondy

      That’s what I’m getting too.

      • 1
        Mikey Mba

        “(If you’re already signed up for our newsletter and would like to download, please email [email protected] for the direct link. Thanks!)” <— Took me a while to spot that too, but that's what you need to do.

  7. 1
    Tonesha Housen

    I can’t seem to get the download either.  I’m having the same issues as Brooke.

  8. 1
    Jeff Stapleton

    It works great for me.  I just got this up and running about 2 weeks ago.

  9. 1

    I have the same download problem.

  10. 1

    I have also the same Problem. No Download because I’m already subscribed. Please help. Thanks

  11. 1

    Anyone already subscribed cannot download your theme. 

  12. 1

    the only alternative is to get a free email address from yahoo, aol or gmail and use that just to get the download if you really want it..

  13. 1
    Post Production Pye

    We are figuring it out guys, be patient, thanks! 

  14. 1
    Jennifer Wettig

    I love this theme, it’s the best free theme I found for using it as a photoblog.
    made many changes, especially translated everything (i hope!) into german :)

    • 1

      Nice site and lovely work! Which sidetabs did you use?

      • 1
        Jennifer Wettig

        Hey, I’ve got them from here, too!

    • 1

       I’d also like to know about your sidetabs.

    • 1

      your blog is BEAUTIFUL! can you tell me how you ended up doing the menu stuff like about/galleries/contact? i don’t know how to customize anything

  15. 1

    The download didn’t work for me. :(  I got a fatal error message once I installed it, so was unable to activate.  Any idea why?

  16. 1

    Is there a way to add other fonts to the theme? 

    • 1
      Jeff Stapleton

      You can change all regular text using a Google Webfonts plugin.  You can also use “AnyFont,” but it basically converts text to images.  I tried both, and use AnyFont…but I can’t figure out how to change the menu fonts outside of the “SLR Lounge Options”

      I hope this helps 

  17. 1
    Bridgette Burr-lesque

    When I try to upload the theme to my blog, it gives me an error screen that says the file size exceeds the max upload. Is there anyway to shrink it into a smaller .zip file so I can install it?

  18. 1

    I was able to load three pictures in the Featured slideshow…then, no matter how many times I tried, it wouldn’t load the two remaining pictures.  Any idea why?

  19. 1

    Can we make further customizations to the fonts? I want a font that’s not listed. 

  20. 1

    Hi! Is there anyway to change the colour of the ajax comment box? I have tried to but is just remains white? I have enabled it to ajax. Thanks!

  21. 1

    Can somebody please help with how to change the menu font?  I can’t locate it in the style.css.  Please?

    • 1

      in CSS folder You have the style1.css – there You have it in the 6th line (use Notepad++ or sth like that not to miss the formatting for future use)

    • 1

      in CSS folder You have the style1.css – there You have it in the 6th line (use Notepad++ or sth like that not to miss the formatting for future use)

  22. 1

    I just loaded this, it looks awesome. However, i’m noticing that the commentor’s name is in green, even though i changed it in the theme. Any ideas?

    • 1

      Has this been resolved?  We will look into this and fix with the next version of the theme

  23. 1

    Anyone can deal with categories and archive in the menu of SLR theme v2?? Any help would be very much appreciated

  24. 1

    Another question – how to get rid of the fixed linking to outside url for the background image ?? No matter if I change the background file or delete it (even manualy via FTP), the theme gets it from outside url and the default image shows up all the time :(

  25. 1

    Already found the fixed url for the background. Still donno how to deal with the categories and archive lists in the menu, plus – where to find the encoding option for the posts/page navigation. Unfortunatelly these dont display the Eastern Eauropean fonts. Went thru all the CSS files but no entries with typecode like UTF-8 or ISO8859-1 :/ Anyone could help in this matter ??

    • 1

      Found Out what was wrong. I edited the PHP files in Notepad++ unfortunately in ANSI not UTF-8. When changed to UTF8 everything worked fine.

  26. 1

    For anyone wondering how to pick a different font in the menu, this is what I have figured out:

    In your Appearence tab, click on Menus.
    Then click the little arrow on the far right of one of the headings.
    Next, under navigation where your title is named enter the following html:


    Your going to have to do this for all your headings, but I don’t know how to figure out any other way :)

    Good luck!

  27. 1

    How do you reset the theme options in the dashboard?  I’ve tried deleting/re-installing the theme, but it reverts back to the old settings?

    • 1

      Currently there is no reset.  However, you should be able to replace and overwrite any settings.

  28. 1
    Angelina Vanness

    Is there a way to remove the grey frame around the profile picture?

    • 1

      Also wondering the same thing

      • 1

        This is something we’ll work on for the next version. Thanks for the feedback

  29. 1

    Can I change the font color in the drop down menus?  My words are blending in with the background color.  Or, can I change the blackground color so that the gray words show?

    • 1

      Nevermind–I figured out how to change the menu background color.  All fixed!

  30. 1
    Angelina Vanness

    Is there a way to change font color in dropdown menu?

    • 1

      What happens when you change the Menu settings in the SLR Lounge Options?

      • 1
        Angelina Vanness

         It would change the main menu bar font color but not the drop down menu font color.  I was able to locate it in the style sheet and change it that way

  31. 1

    Question – what is the best size to upload photos at for this theme?  I’ve always used a tofurious WP theme before, but when I switched over to this one, a lot of my photos look elongated (vertically).  I can see that the main blog area is not as wide with this theme, but I have no idea if that’s something that can be changed, or if I just need to size my photos differently (right now I size them at 900px on the longest side).  It’s not all the photos that have that, but if you look at my blog ( you can see it on the posts titled “Leela”, “Abigail”, and “Eero”.  Here’s a screen shot of the difference (because unless you’re comparing the two, it might not be noticeable to most but it is driving me crazy).  Does the color look different to you, too?


  32. 1

    I really like this theme. There’s a couple of things which I can’t seem to get to work and any help is appreciated: The navigation menu is vertical (see image attached). I need to make it horizontal, aligned to the right. Does anybody know how I can do that ? I don’t know know much CSS but am willing to work it with a little guidance. Also, I want to change the color of the links on the navigation bar – I tried through the theme “Type Styling” and “Menu Text” section, but for some reason, the change is not kicking in. 

  33. 1

    Is it possible to hide tags shown on every post? Thank you SLR lounge for your hardwork!

    • 1

      not currently.. we’ll take this into consideration for the next version

  34. 1

    Any options, donation or something, for eliminating the “POWERED BY PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS & TUTORIALS” footer?

    • 1

      hi ken .. we’ve included an option for your needs:

  35. 1

    I get this error when I try to install…i figured it out…lol

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare ec_is_challenge() (previously declared in /home/content/42/7298342/html/blog/wp-content/plugins/easy-contact/econtact.php:43) in/home/content/42/7298342/html/blog/wp-content/themes/slrloungev2/widget/widgetcontact.php on line 54

    • 1

      What did you do to fix it…I am getting the same error. :(

      • 1

        I deleted the easy contact plugin and it worked :) 

      • 1

        I’m not sure what that error means; however I’ve made slight modifications to make the theme lighter (smaller in file size) .. this might help … try to find the file download link and try again :)

  36. 1

    In PhotoLounge v1.0 there was the option to change the color of the profile photo outline and the line that separates the menu from the blog background. I can’t seem to find that option. Is it there? Is there another way I can change it. I looked in the style sheet and couldn’t find anything there either.

  37. 1
    Ili N

    Some of my fans are having trouble leaving comments on my blog. The box comes up and then it just doesn’t load (gets the never ending loading circle) Another friend with this theme has the same problem. Any ideas?

  38. 1

    I’ve been struggling with figuring out how to add custom social media icons. Anyone had any luck with this? I was able to add the FB like at the bottom of each post with no problem, but I want to add custom icons to the top of the main blog page. Easiest way seems to be a text widget, but I can’t seem to figure out if I can add a widget to the main body/page. Anyone have thoughts or tips on this? Thanks!

  39. 1

    hi, i cannot change the logo. it still shows the ‘slr lounge’ logo even after uploading different logo. anyone having the same problem? please advise… thanks!

  40. 1

    what size do the uploaded custom images need to be in the feature/slideshow portion?

  41. 1

    Right now page titles are appearing on the PAGE ITSELF. Is this a setting in the SLR Lounge theme and if so, how can I get rid of this ? Thanks

  42. 1
    Kelvin Huynh

    Is there a way to incorporate music in the theme?

  43. 1

    Attempted to change the slideshow image files several times, but the rotating gallery always defaults to the built in sample images.  Is there a way to actually change this in the free version?

  44. 1

    I am using a custom menu for my site which shows about 5 pages. My only issue is, this horizontal navigation menu does not align to the center of the page, it aligns to the left for some reason. Is there a way to change this so that the navigation menu aligns to the center ? Thanks

  45. 1

    Nice theme – thanks for sharing this. Just one thing I’ve noticed… I’m using a static home page rather than a blog home page. I’d like to have the slideshow just on the home page… However, when I select this setting under the feature/slideshow options, the slideshow only appears on my *blog* page rather than the new static home page. Any suggestions how to fix this?

    • 1

      For anyone interested, I’ve just found the answer to this. Under the header.php template file, you need to change references to is_home() to is_front_page(). The same thing works for the settings for displaying the profile info.

  46. 1

    I’m trying to use filezilla to upload the new theme…but filezilla
    won’t let me log into my wordpress account, so I searched it up and it
    says you have to have a different hosting than wordpress in order to use
    filezilla, so my question is how do I upload a new theme to wordpress
    without having to use a ftp client?

  47. 1

    It says I can’t download them because I already subscribed. Do we need to unsubscribe and re-subscribe to download them if you’ve released updated files?

  48. 1

    What should the size of the photos be to go into the banner slideshow at the top?
    I realize the answer may be here somewhere, but if you could just repost it to my question, that would be awesome!

  49. 1

    I just downloaded this theme and am not able to make any changes through the wordpress interface.  I’ve had to go into the .php files and folders to make changes to the logos and slider images.  I still can’t get the background logo.  I load it and it never reads the change.  Am I doing something wrong?

    Also, I want to remove the profile area with the picture of the lovely Tracy Morgan. I want that whole section gone completely.  I can’t seem to find the file to edit the code. PLEASE HELP!!  Thank you.

    • 1

       I was finally able to get the profile off through the editor but it’s the only thing it will let me do.  Can you tell me the physical file I can edit for the background?

      • 1

         Seems like I sorted out all the problems I asked about in the last two posts.  All the comments here are so helpful.  Thank you everyone.

  50. 1

    How can I add more pictures to the slider?  I manually uploaded pictures in the slider folder and then manually edited a couple of the function.php files but it’s still reflecting on the slider.  What other files need to be edited?  Thank you!

  51. 1

    I am having trouble with the slideshow, I have chosen the option to show the feature/slideshow on the homepage but no matter what I do it shows it on my blog page and not my home page.  What am I missing?  Thank you.

    • 1

      Oh and the profile info is the same; it is on the blog page instead of the home page.

  52. 1

    I installed and it went OK.  Now I am updating the site and made all my customizations and saved.  Nothing is saving nor posting to my BLOG.  Help!

  53. 1
    Lani Palmer

    Is there any way to add more photos to the slideshow?

    • lin-and-jirsa.jpg6
      Christopher Lin

      Unfortunately not. We limited it so that the load time is not bogged down.

  54. 1

    I’m still getting a vertical menu and cannot seem to fix that. I have the latest version. Any tips on what i can look at to sort that out. 


  55. 1

    I would like to have my blog show the summary instead of the full post on my home page.  I have it set to summary in my wordpress settings but it still shows full posts only =(  Is this because of the SLR Lounge Template?  Is there a setting I need to change within the template.  Really looking forward to figuring this out!!

  56. 1
    Robyn McGufficke

    I do not have an option to add new theme in WordPress. Does it require that you have a pro account?

  57. 1
    Alan Leong

    I have problem with the menu and the sub menu, there is a gap in between that prevent me to mouse over to my sub menu, how do i reduce it? 

  58. 1
    Gary Horne

    I have subscribed to your amazing site, but i cannot see how to download the Word Press theme as I click on the link and it takes me to a sign in page, but says I am already registered. ??

  59. 1
    gary Horne

    How can I set up on my laptop prior to hosting

  60. _DSC0070-Edit1.jpg29
    Kurk Rouse

    choose another route for creating a website

  61. 5
    Daniel Hollister

    wow thank you very much :-) will be put to good use