New Free WordPress Theme | SLR Lounge v2

We’ve just released a killer new theme with AJAX commenting, AJAX slideshows, and more! If you’re not convinced, check out this example.


Basic Info

Cost: Free!!!
Download: Click here to Download for Free!
Example: LJP Associates, Los Angeles Event Photographers
Instructions and Info: Click Here

  1. Slideshow Banner compatible with iPhone and iPads
  2. Control over which pages Slideshow Banner is displayed on
  3. Full control over placement of logo
  4. Full control over background images and color
  5. Full control over FAVICON
  6. Full and independent control of all fonts on the page
  7. Featured profile section that you may choose to display or not
  8. Robust Commenting System featuring an AJAX popup
  9. Control of Alt Text of all images Uploaded for SEO
  10. Full Instructions and guidance on setup and customization
Old Themes – ALL superseded by the New SLR Lounge v2 Theme

Note: The themes listed below are still available but the new theme listed above is a new, more-robust theme that we recommend using.

All three prior themes, we’ve designed an intuitive back end, a.k.a an options page. This means no more messing with the Theme Editor and altering the code of the site. Everything, from the border colors to the link text to the banner image, profile image, and logo image is completely controlled by the back end. Next, we cleaned up the code to display properly in all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera). Lastly, we added some great functionality to each theme, as we’ll describe in further detail below. There are plenty of features that we just don’t have space to mention here, but feel free to click the examples and see the video tutorials for more information.

PhotoFeature Free Photography WordPress Theme by SLR Lounge

The first theme is called PhotoFeature. We designed this because we were tired of all of our great posts from a year back never getting any love, as most of of our readers stopped after the 3rd page or so. The featured slider gives your readers a chance to view your featured content.

Download: Sign Up by Clicking Here
Instructions: Click Here

PhotoFlash Free Photography WordPress Theme by SLR Lounge

If you think the featured section looks a little too busy for your taste, go with a simple flash banner instead. All the same customization ability with the addition of a flash banner instead of the featured section.

Download: Sign Up by Clicking Here
Instructions: Click Here

photoflash wordpress theme

PhotoLounge Free Photography WordPress Theme by SLR Lounge

Still too many bells and whistles for your taste? Go with PhotoLounge, a laid-back, simple version of the two themes mentioned above. We took out the featured section and the flash header and left you with a clean, basic blog with sleek typography and easy customization.

Download: Sign Up by Clicking Here
Instructions: Click Here

We hope you enjoy!!!