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By Pye Jirsa on March 27th 2010

New Free WordPress Theme | SLR Lounge v2

We’ve just released a killer new theme with AJAX commenting, AJAX slideshows, and more! If you’re not convinced, check out this example.


Basic Info

Cost: Free!!!
Download: Click here to Download for Free!
Example: LJP Associates, Los Angeles Event Photographers
Instructions and Info: Click Here

  1. Slideshow Banner compatible with iPhone and iPads
  2. Control over which pages Slideshow Banner is displayed on
  3. Full control over placement of logo
  4. Full control over background images and color
  5. Full control over FAVICON
  6. Full and independent control of all fonts on the page
  7. Featured profile section that you may choose to display or not
  8. Robust Commenting System featuring an AJAX popup
  9. Control of Alt Text of all images Uploaded for SEO
  10. Full Instructions and guidance on setup and customization
Old Themes – ALL superseded by the New SLR Lounge v2 Theme

Note: The themes listed below are still available but the new theme listed above is a new, more-robust theme that we recommend using.

All three prior themes, we’ve designed an intuitive back end, a.k.a an options page. This means no more messing with the Theme Editor and altering the code of the site. Everything, from the border colors to the link text to the banner image, profile image, and logo image is completely controlled by the back end. Next, we cleaned up the code to display properly in all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera). Lastly, we added some great functionality to each theme, as we’ll describe in further detail below. There are plenty of features that we just don’t have space to mention here, but feel free to click the examples and see the video tutorials for more information.

PhotoFeature Free Photography WordPress Theme by SLR Lounge

The first theme is called PhotoFeature. We designed this because we were tired of all of our great posts from a year back never getting any love, as most of of our readers stopped after the 3rd page or so. The featured slider gives your readers a chance to view your featured content.

Download: Sign Up by Clicking Here
Instructions: Click Here

PhotoFlash Free Photography WordPress Theme by SLR Lounge

If you think the featured section looks a little too busy for your taste, go with a simple flash banner instead. All the same customization ability with the addition of a flash banner instead of the featured section.

Download: Sign Up by Clicking Here
Instructions: Click Here

photoflash wordpress theme

PhotoLounge Free Photography WordPress Theme by SLR Lounge

Still too many bells and whistles for your taste? Go with PhotoLounge, a laid-back, simple version of the two themes mentioned above. We took out the featured section and the flash header and left you with a clean, basic blog with sleek typography and easy customization.

Download: Sign Up by Clicking Here
Instructions: Click Here

We hope you enjoy!!!

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links, however, this does not impact accuracy or integrity of our content.

Founding Partner of Lin and Jirsa Photography and SLR Lounge.

Follow my updates on Facebook and my latest work on Instagram both under username @pyejirsa.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Photo Lounge Wordpress Theme Download and Installation Instructions

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    | |
  2. Mircea Oculeanu

    How do I download the new theme if I’m already subscribed to your newsletter? I try to download it, it asks me to subscribe, I enter my email and it tells me I’m already subscribed. But doesn’t let me download. Like

    | |
  3. Michelle Bondy

    How do I download the new theme if I’m already subscribed to your newsletter? I try to download it, it asks me to subscribe, I enter my email and it tells me I’m already subscribed. But doesn’t let me download. 

    | |
  4. jc

    sorry but i cant get it this to work for me.. i cant upload logo or background images. any help is appreciated

    | |
  5. Zerolik

    hello, how can I add to my website a new dropdown menu?

    | |
  6. Jen

    Wish the new theme had a Categories tab! :)

    | |
  7. ssss

    hello , I dont understand , do I have to buy a custom design to work this themes ? besause I dont have ” add new   theme ” button ? :(

    | |
  8. ssss

    hello , I dont understand , do I have to buy a custom design to work this themes ? besause I dont have ” add new   theme ” button ? :(

    | |
  9. Jacque

    anyone know how to get rid of that black divider line that shows up below the slideshow?

    | |
  10. Jacque

    anyone know how to get rid of that black divider line that shows up below the slideshow?

    | |
  11. Maddiepiecreations

    is there a way to get the drop downs in the menu to have the background like categories & archives?

    | |
  12. Arturas

    I am photographer and am gonna use one of these themes for my portfolio!
    Thanks mate

    | |
  13. Chris Fawkes

    For those using the photo lounge theme i upgraded a test blog to wordpress 3.3 and now it will only show one post and no comments. No option to see the other post. 

    Photofeature only shows as code on 3.3

    These are only the results on my spare blog, plugins all turned off then on to no effect. Others may find different. 

    | |
    • Chrisfawkes

      Update: The issue was with a coding change i made in my index.php file so not something that will effect the theme in general. 

      | |
  14. Christopher

    The new theme looks amazing. The only issue at this stage is the menu runs vertical and the option to change font size and color for the menu has no effect. Tons of options at the back end otherwise. 

    | |
  15. Stephanie

    What a fantastic theme!! Thank you so much for posting them! One question…When I upload and activate the Photolash theme for some reason I am not given the option to add photos in my header it simply gives me the option to add a logo??? PhotoFeature theme works perfectly as well as Photolounge. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

    | |
  16. Lloyed

    Please Help!
    After i updated the wordpress version, to latest, my category and archive links in the menu is lost.  But i did not uncheck those in the settings.

    | |
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  20. admin

    Note: comments have been closed for this post. All questions and issues can be posted and resolved on the forums, found at

    Your old comments are moved over to the forum as well.

    | |
  21. Colette

    Hi All!

    I found the solution to my problem and I just wanted to share in case anyone else was looking to have a non-tiled background.

    You need to edit the header.php file. Find “_bg_image” and set to “no-repeat.”

    Thanks again for the fantastic theme! :)

    | |
  22. Colette

    What an absolutely wonderful theme! Thank you so much for sharing and supporting it.

    I have hit a bit of a wall while trying to customize my background. I do not want mine to be tiled. Can somebody point me to the file that controls the repeat of the background image. I thought it would be in style.css, but I’m not seeing it.

    | |
  23. admin

    Melissa, when you are uploading your pictures, there is a field for the ‘url’.. delete that if you don’t want your images to link to the url of the image

    | |
  24. admin

    This comment is for Jesse and Doug Wilkins.

    I removed your comments because it’s not actually a ‘problem’ with the theme. Your comment was as follows: “I am using your flash theme and I love it. My only issue is I would love to share my posts on facebook. I am able to do it up instead of sharing the content of my post it shares my meta data or my keywords.” THIS IS DEFAULT FOR ALL WORDPRESS THEMES.

    If you want your facebook posts to say things other than your meta info, simply click on text itself (within facebook) after you input your link and you can change it there.

    | |
  25. vincent

    Hi I am happily using photofeature.Thanks so much for that!!! Would it be possible to have a facebook and twitter link in it next to the rss feed icon? if yes how to do so?

    Thanks a mil


    | |
  26. Daniel

    You guys are great. I’m gonna switch to PhotoFlash now! Thanks!

    | |
  27. admin

    EDITORS FIX: If you are having issues with your Categories and Archives displaying behind the flash banner, I have added a step in the article (step 8) that should solve your problems. (

    | |
  28. admin


    Thank you for bringing this to our attention

    If you want to use any apostrophes, quotation marks, or other special characters, you’ll need to follow the following rules:

    | |
  29. Chris

    Melissa: To change the font sizes and fonts in the theme, you will need to go into the style.css document and modify as necessary. In subsequent versions, we may include font variations, but for now, any modifications you make will require you to go into the backend and modify the code.

    James: Your issue seems unique to your wordpress installation. The theme should not display your about page on every page; and you should try switching to another theme to see if the issue persists. If it does, delete the theme and reinstall. If it doesn’t work beyond that you may be on your own.

    If this issue occurs with anyone else, please let us know; but I do believe this to be unique

    | |
  30. Ollie

    Hi All,

    Just want to say thanks for the top template. Just a note to others, the photofeature slider will not work correctly in Firefox until you fill all 12 spots.


    | |
  31. Charity Owen

    Hi! I am so excited you have made a flash version!! Looks great! I have your original wordpress theme and was wondering if I switch to the new one, do I have to redo everything? Colors and such?
    Thank you much!
    Charity Owen

    | |