Using Flash Head Modifiers

In our studio we are huge fans of using gels and grids in order to execute our style of photography. We usually have to velcro all of our gels and grids in order to get them to stay on our flashes, which can be kind of annoying. Using these gels and other flash accessories can be quite cumbersome because they take up a lot of space in our bags and they are easily lost, but the MagMod is about to change all that.



The MagMod provides the same functionality as the lighting modifiers we already use, but it’s also a new system of putting modifiers on our flashes quickly and efficiently. To see exactly how it works and what we think of it check out our full video review, or continue reading the article below.

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MagMod Video Review

The MagMod Grip

The only thing you have to attach onto your flashes is the MagMod Grip, which is made from an extremely strong and durable silicon rubber, and has 2 powerful magnets built in. You don’t have to use any adhesives, you simply stretch the silicon over the flash head.

MagMod Grip
MagMod Grip

This MagMod grip is designed to fit tightly around most modern flash heads. The grip does add to the width of the flash head so that’s something to keep in mind when putting your flash in your case with the grip attached. The MagMod grip is designed to fit very tightly on the flash head. So once it’s on, it’s easiest to just keep it on the head instead of having to attach and remove it every time you use it.

With MagMod Grip on Right | Without MagMod Grip on Left

MagMod Gel and Grid Attachments

With the MagMod Grip on your flash it’s very easy to attach the gels and/or grids because of the magnetic attachements. These magnets are very strong and the attachments won’t come off, even when stacking multiple gels and grids (up to ten!) on top each other. It’s a very simple, quick, and effective way to apply and stack lighting modifiers to your speed lights.

magmod attachments

The Cons

  • Magnets come out of silicon case easily. (Note: We have been notified that this will be corrected in the production version)
  • Not exactly inexpensive

The magnets inside the rubber attachments are very strong, and they frequently come out of the silicon case when you’re pulling two modifiers apart. While it is very easy to put the magnets back in, this is still rather annoying when it happens. This issue has been addressed by MagMod and appropriately sized magnets are going to be put in the production models. We can’t wait to see the improved magnets when the MagMod is released into production.

The second con is the price, at $89 retail the MagMod is not a cheap lighting modifier, especially if you plan on purchasing 2 or 3 sets for multiple flash set ups. All things considered, we must say that the quality, design, and concept are all solid, and it is definitely worth the money, but we aren’t giving it any extra points for also being a “solid value.”


We’re going to give the MagMod a 4/5 stars. It is a great lighting modifier that definitely belongs in your lighting bag if you are into flash photography. Were it priced a bit more attractively, we would have given it 5/5 stars and would say it belong in everyone’s lighting bags. But at the current price point, for many people it may not be worth the additional cost for simply the added convenience.


That being said, we really like the MagMod and it definitely finds a place in our camera bags because it is an incredibly well designed solution for portable strobe light modification. We’re even going to say that at the present time, it is the best designed solution for portable strobe light modification.