Visual Flow has released their Lightroom AI Retouching Toolkit, a preset pack that uses Lightroom’s new AI capabilities to create advanced effects in one click.  Effects that used to require manual adjustments, like dodging and burning, enhancing skies, retouching skin, darkening backgrounds to make the subjects pop and more are now automated with 31 AI-powered presets. In combination with the original 47 retouching brushes and 26 tools, this new collection opens up an entirely new set of creative possibilities.

Lightroom AI Retouching Toolkit Intro

Essential Information

  • What’s Included: 31 AI-powered 1-click presets, 47 retouching brushes and 26 tools
  • Price For New Purchasers: $150
  • Upgrade Price For Purchasers of The Original Retouching Toolkit: $40
  • Price For Purchasers of Other Visual Flow Packs: $130 ($20 Off)
  • Requires: Lightroom Classic
  • Where to Purchase: Purchase Here  

Using the AI Retouching Toolkit

For a more detailed look at the full capabilities of the AI Retouching Toolkit, take a look at the primer below.  This video is intended to help purchasers get up and running after their purchase.  However, for those who are deciding whether or not this is right for you, it will provide some additional insights on the toolkit.

AI Retouching FAQs

What’s the Difference Between The Impossible Things AI Editor and The AI Retouching Toolkit

Impossible Things and the Visual Flow AI Retouching Toolkit are two entirely different tools that both work within Lightroom and utilize artificial intelligence.

Impossible Things uses an advanced, proprietary algorithm to make over 38 predictions on each image like exposure, white balance, cropping, and more. You can think of Impossible Things as your editing assistant. It’s job is to reduce 95% or more of the basic color grading that you do over your images. For wedding and portrait photographers, Impossible Things can help you complete edits on thousands of images in just a matter of minutes. It’s also compatible with whatever presets you use.

On the other hand, the AI Retouching Toolkit takes advantage of Lightroom’s latest AI capabilities to give you in-depth creative control. Included are over 30 AI presets that can help you instantly retouch and enhance each of your images by darkening the background, retouching skin, enhancing skies, and more.

While the AI Retouching Toolkit cannot be used within Impossible Things, the ideal workflow would include both tools. Within our wedding and portrait studio, we first run Impossible Things on all of the images for basic color grading. From there, we use the AI Retouching Toolkit for additional customization and retouching. Think of the AI Retouching Toolkit as your “special sauce” that you can use however you like to turn good images into absolute works of art.

How Do I Upgrade from the Original AI Retouching Toolkit?

Login to your DVLOP account and add this new AI Retouching Toolkit to your cart. If you’ve purchased the original AI Retouching Toolkit, you should see the upgrade price of $40.

What’s the Difference Between The New AI Retouching Toolkit and the Original Retouching Toolkit?

The new AI Retouching Toolkit has all of the same tools as the original Retouching Toolkit plus 31 AI-powered one-click retouching presets. This is why existing Retouching Toolkit users can upgrade to the AI Retouching Toolkit for only $40.

Lightroom AI Retouching Toolkit Before and Afters

To purchase the Lightroom AI Retouching Toolkit, click here.