In this recent Fstoppers video sponsored by Tamron’s 35-150mm lens, Patrick Hall & our own Pye Jirsa get to the heart of what’s arguably been a constant argument from Photographers since the beginning of the craft; Is Photography dying? Is the role of the photographer changing? Does it matter that the image was captured as is/in camera vs it being heavily manipulated and “crafted” in Adobe Photoshop?

What Is The Role of the Modern Day Photographer?

As the technology changes, so does the way we consume the media, which means the role of the photographer has to change along with it. Things go from simply being the person behind the camera clicking the button, to being the main creative director, finalizing the look, sharing that with the world in an advertising sense. The role and job of the photographer is “changing right before our eyes” according to the guys.

Does a photographer need an instagram with a massive follower count to be considered “real”? Are Photographers having to market and promote their own work more than ever, stepping away from agencies and marketing firms since the budgets have changed so much? Do “professionals” in the industry actually know _less_ about their cameras and the technical side of photography, but know far more about post production and stylization? All this and more are covered and debated in this 40+ minute video!

So pull up a chair and join us for this meeting of the minds in an all-too-relevant conversation about the state of our industry, and be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!