Wedding featured on Style Me Pretty

Getting published on popular wedding blogs can attract brides who want their own weddings published on a blog (they are often the creative brides as well). It also gives you publicity, and for some photographers, it’s a badge of honor.

But it is a lot of work and requires dedicated time and networking. So does the blog feature have any perks in the long run?  I’d say yes! Over time, features create more links to your blog and possible future inquires down the line – I myself  found a photographer from a wedding blog and flew him in from Dallas to shoot my wedding in Sedona.  While you may not book a ton of weddings from a feature, it’s still a great thing to be recognized by your peers, attract the creative brides that blog surf for wedding ideas (if you like that type of client), and excite your vendors and network.

If you want to share your wedding and get published on a wedding blog, here are some basic tips on how to successfully submit your weddings to blogs.

First know these things:

  • Know the type of style the blog features before you submit and make sure your wedding/session/concept shoot fits their readership.
  • Submit your shoot to one blog at a time.  Never submit to another blog until you hear a “No thank you.”
  • Read the blog requirements, as they prefer a specific way to receive images and the format – such as 700 pix wide and web sized (72 dpi, not high res).
  • Submit 75% details and 25% portrait shots.  Blog readers want to be inspired so send detail shots and a beautiful location.
  • Know all the vendors and supply links.
  • Remember that just because your wedding hasn’t been accepted, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great wedding – it could be a multitude of reasons out of your control.  Don’t be discouraged.

A reminder on what blogs like to see

  • Anything your client has spent money on, or created.
  • Details unique portraits, designer shoes, beautiful locations and landscape, a pretty couple doesn’t hurt, and an amazing dress!
  • Any cultural elements.
  • A beautiful shot of the scene – a pretty shot of the landscape or venue.
  • Consistent editing, look and feel, and proper exposure.
  • A pretty dessert table with lots of detail shots.

When shooting, remember to:

  • Eliminate items on the table that are not decor -such as salt and pepper shakers and butter dish.
  • Shoot horizontal and vertical images, blogs prefer different layouts so different versions help.
  • Watch for people or distractions in the background.

Once published, share with your vendors, tweet, Facebook and give it as much publicity as possible! Blog editors love that and be sure to thank them.  Creating a relationship with them is beneficial.