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24 May 2024

Noise Reduction

Description: Term: Noise Reduction Description: In digital photography, image “noise” refers to visual distortion in a photo that looks like sand or discolored splotches. In film photography, the word "grain" describes a similar effect. Noise reduction, therefore, refers to the process(es) used in post-production to minimize the presence of noise.

Lightroom Noise Reduction Tutorial Luminance Noise

Noise commonly occurs when the camera’s image sensor is pushed to the limits of its dynamic range, which often happens in photos captured in low light and at high ISOs.

In Lightroom CC, the Noise Reduction and Color Noise Reduction sliders (in the Develop Panel) aid in removing the noise. As is true most post-production tools, the adjustments can quickly go overboard, so be sure to experiment in order to find the sweet spot for removing noise in an image without creating an overly smooth portrait.

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