#Mixed Lighting

mɪkst lajtɪŋ

Mixed Lighting is a lighting situation where more than one type of light is present. It can be intentional or a problem needing to be solved either on location or when post processing. An example of an intentional use of mixed lighting is the use of strobe and continuous lighting together in a studio setting for special effects. This combines a long enough exposure to show motion with the frozen image provided by flash. An example of undesirable mixed lighting is the use of a tungsten light in a room with daylight coming through a window. What happens in this circumstance is two different colors of light in the same scene, so in this example, if you set your white balance to daylight, parts will look very orange while some areas are appropriately white balanced, and if you set your white balance to tungsten, parts will look very blue. This can be dealt with in post with selective color adjustments, but sometimes the easiest salvage is simply a black and white conversion.