Last month, when Fujifilm announced their new X-T10, photographers all over the world who had been eyeing the X-T1, but couldn’t justify the price, yipped with joy at the idea of an ‘X-T1 Mini’.

The X-T10 is now in stores, and I just received my review unit. Here are my initial thoughts and impressions on Fuji’s latest X-Series camera. How does it match up to the X-T1, and how does it fit into the current market?


Initial Thoughts On The Fuji X-T10

Coming into my review of the X-T10, I was curious to see how this camera handled compared to the X-T1. One of the top complaints about the X-T1 is regarding its grip and the overall handling of the camera, so I wanted to see how, and if, Fuji addressed these problems in the X-T10.

Let’s just get it out of the way and say it, they didn’t. In fact, I would go as far as to say they may have taken some steps back here from the X-T1 in terms of handling. The grip in the front of the X-T10 is bigger than it looks in pictures, but is still tiny; even with someone with fairly small hands like me, it is difficult to get a comfortable grip on the camera.


Besides the awkward grip of the camera, it actually feels really nice. It has a good weight for a mirrorless camera and continues that SLR style started with the X-T1, while still maintaining a unique look.

Beyond how the camera feels, I am sure many of you are wondering how the camera shoots. As far as I have experienced, this is just like every other Fuji camera with their 16MP X-Trans sensor pertaining to image quality and performance.

Where this Fuji X-T10 camera stands out is in the Autofocus and tracking abilities (though the X-T1 did just get its Firmware 4.0 update adding this new AF tech). Simply put, this is a whole new level from Fuji in terms of Autofocus and subject tracking. It is quick and snappy, and incredibly accurate – for a mirrorless camera.


I wouldn’t go as far as to say that this would make a good sports camera, but for general use (family outings, kids playing, etc), the AF performance is more than sufficient. I was actually really impressed, having used an X-T1 before the new firmware; this new AF technology is simply game changing for Fuji.

What I Like So Far About The X-T10

  • Has a good quality feel
  • Pop-up flash is well hidden
  • AF performance is a huge improvement for the X-Series
  • Flip-out Screen feels higher quality than previous ones I have used

What I Dislike So Far About the X-T10

  • Feels awkward to hold, the camera needs more grip or no grip; this in between is awkward.
  • SD slot is hidden next to the battery like on point-n-shoot cameras, but with it next to the hinge of the door, it makes getting the card out a bit of a pain in the butt.

Sample Images From the X-T10

The sample images below were shot using the X-T10 in combination with the 18-55mm kit lens. You can click on the images to load up the full res version. 

20150629-0004 20150629-0006 20150629-0017 20150629-0018 20150629-0021 20150629-0024

I look forward to using the X-T10 over the next weeks or two while I complete my review. So far, I am enjoying it a lot. Having traded my Fuji for a Sony A7 II several months ago, it is great to be shooting with a Fuji again.

If you are interested in picking up an X-T10 of your own, you can currently grab one for just $800 body only or $1100 in the kit. Find both options now over on B&H here.

What are your thoughts on the X-T10 so far? What would you like to see me address further in my full review? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!