Technology is a fast moving beast. By the time you get your new MacBook Pro home and set it up, you’re just in time to read the announcement of the newest product which, of course, is light years ahead of your new toy. Sometimes, it’s fun to see just how far technology has come (when you don’t have to deal with old technology, that is) and since it’s Friday, let’s have a little flashback.

The year was 1995 and I had just graduated high school (don’t do the math on that). Thinking I was cool with my pager and blasting Gansta’s Paradise while rolling in my 4-door white Mitsubishi Galant, the newest technology came in the form of DVDs, Windows 95 and this new thing called “digital cameras.” Someone rad posted this blast from the past on the SLR Lounge Facebook Community Group and it’s 4 of the greatest minutes you’ll probably see today.



CNet dug up this little gem from their video vault introducing the newest state of the art cameras for the “cyber shooter” where you can “record images directly into memory rather than on film.” These high-speed digital cameras uses high-speed phone lines to upload pictures onto your computer in 2 minutes! Your 1.3-megapixel images can be then sent all over the world via modem in minutes. The cost of this cutting edge tech? Only $20,000 for that FujiX/Nikon beast of the camera you see in the video and the memory card will hold up to 70 images.

Once the image is shot, the hard drive or flash card can be downloaded and stored in a computer. There the image is cropped or color corrected via Photoshop, a graphics software program, saved in a compressed image format, then transmitted by a modem, anywhere on the planet!

Isn’t it great to see how far we’ve come? Goodbye, clunky boxed cameras, dial up speeds and Fabio.

Hope you enjoyed this Flashback friday. Excuse me while I fire up that modem.