We first shared the latest Fuji rumor regarding the X-T10, a supposed X-T1 “Mini” that Fuji is going to release in the near future. At the time, we just had a name, and not much more than that. Today, some more details have been confirmed by trusted sources on this new camera.


According to the report over on Fuji Rumors, sources have confirmed that the X-T10 will indeed have a smaller EVF and will not have weather sealing like the X-T1. It is unclear what, if any, other subtractions will be made to get the price down to a level that makes the camera worth a look.

The key will be making the X-T10 powerful enough to compete, yet not quite as “pro” as the X-T1. I would like to think of it almost like the 6D to the 5D Mark III; in most respects, the 6D is every bit the camera that the 5D Mark III is, saveĀ a few small areas where the 5D Mark III has the advantage. Ideally, I would think the X-T10 would come in around the $800 price range. That gives space for the X-T1 to come down in price a little, while still keeping good distance between the two bodies.

Regardless, it will be fun to see what Fuji comes up with. I know I am curious about that new EVF. I love the EVF in the X-T1, but it is definitely lacking in some areas and I would love to see if Fuji addresses those in the X-T10.

What do you think about this X-T10? Where do you think it will fall in the market price wise? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

[via Fuji Rumors]